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take pictures with a button and then visualize it to save in a collection


i am realising an app that use camera.

I would like to take a picture (selfie) with camera of ipad, with a button, then this image is visualised next to camera control, the with an other button i can save it in a collection.


1)What formula can i use on "on select property" for button to take picture ?

2)What formula can i use on image to visualise image taken ?

3)How can i save it in a collection ?


Thank you

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If you are planning on this from a mobile device then just use the Add Picture will do the first two parts for you automatically.

Then, if for some reason you want this in a collection, you can put a Formula on the OnChange of the addmedia button in it: Collect(colPics, Self.Media)


If you must use the Camera control, then you really don't need the button as the user can tap on the camera image to capture.

If you still want to add a button for some reason, then put this Formula on the OnSelect of the button.  NOTE, if you decide to just use the camera image as the thing that people would click/tap on in order to capture the photo, then this would go on the OnSelect of the Camera control.

Collect(colPics, Self.Photo)


Note between the two options above...the first with the media control will have photos in the Value column.  The camera control will have images in the Url column.


I hope this is helpful for you.


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Hello @RandyHayes ,

thank you for your answer.


I tell you my architecture's app.


I have a camera control called "Camera1" with following properties:


Onselect: False




i have a button with following properties:


Onselect: UpdateContext({Takenpic:Camera1.Stream})  --> i have setted variable takenpic


Then i have an image called "Image13", that have the following properties:




I would like to save the photo in "Image13", in a powerapps collection called "shoppingcart", in the column "Image".


Then, i would like to know how use internal camera of mobile device on this way.


The app works on notebook with camera, but doesn't work on my ipad (work on external camera).


Thank you

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