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this formula uses scope which is not presently supported for evaluation, data type boolean

Hi, I am trying to assign a value to a global variable, On a txtlabel.text The formula is as follows: 
If(ThisItem.PesoPriorizacion =1.0, gblOrden=1,

"Pesopriorization" is a percentage type value and , I am displaying this formula in a gallery, which contains multiple values. However, the formula always gives me "false" as a result. What is the error, how can I fix it?

Thank you very much



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Dual Super User

You can't set a global variable inside an individual record in a gallery.  You also can't just assign a value to a global variable without using the Set() function.  What you probably want is to put something like this in the OnSelect of the gallery itself.  That will set the veariable when you select a record in the gallery.

if(self.selected.PesoPriorizacion =1.0, Set(gblOrden,1),
if(self.selected.PesoPriorizacion=0.9, Set(gblOrden,2),

The question is what do you want to display in the label inside the gallery?  Are you trying to display what you are putting in glbOrden?  YOu don't use a variable for that.  If that is what you want this is the formula for the label.

If(ThisItem.PesoPriorizacion =1.0, 1,if(

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Hello @CamiloHU,


You need to set the variable, if you use = then its like true or false statement


If(ThisItem.PesoPriorizacion =1.0, Set(gblOrden,1),


Try above code 🙂


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That didn't work, I got the following errors:



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I tried it and the label does not show any value and the warning changes to data type: number.



is this on the onselect property?


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Hello @CamiloHU,


Can you please try this code in Label


If(ThisItem.PesoPriorizacion =1.0, 1,


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Normally the label will automatically cast the number to a string, but if it doesn't you can surround it with a Text() function to cast it or change the numbers like 1 to "1" in the formula.

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