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updating a solution does not update flows

When I export a solution from the sandbox environment and import it into the production environment the flows are not updated.  The only way I managed to get the solution updated was to delete the solution in the production environment.  This deleted all the custom records.  So that is not the answer.  I've both options while importing neither seems to make a difference.




Thanks for clarifying.  I have now removed this unmanaged layer. However, after checking my other flows in the solution deployed to production: do I need to do the same ,  before or after I deploy solution from my dev/sandbox environment. 

I guess most peeps are now putting this type of task in a DevOps pipeline but I was hoping to do all this manually until after Go Live. Is this really ALM nirvana🙄?




I have to do it after deployment to production on some flows every time.  Mostly I believe it has to do with the connections that are set up after deployment.  The unmanaged layer saves the new connections along with the old flow.  If it would only save connection info then we wouldn't be having this problem.



If the the unmanaged layer saves the connections ( via connection references)   I still don't understand why this is blocking the upgrade.  Out of interest, have you tried the 3rd, Update option when you manually import the new  managed solution in your destination environment - looks promising.


On Friday, during UAT one of my Power Apps didn't upgrade, which again I resolved by deleting the unmanaged layer.  Today, during further testing, we noticed in the same Power App , the called Power Automate was showing as not connected.  This I had to fix in production as the issue is not showing in the Development environment.  I beginning to think  Power Platform's implementation of  seamless ALM  is laughable . 



I also don't understand why it saves the whole flow in the active layer instead of just connection information.  I've tried every import option there is and it is all the same. It is also only for flows with certain connection types. 

Helper II
Helper II



I have also somewhere the same issue while importing I am not getting the flow that I want to update to the new one. It is showing all flows except the two or three that I want to update. Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.



Post Patron
Post Patron

@lisha have you tried deleting the solution and redeploying? Now if this a high-end environment like Prod, this may not be possible.

With a previous client, I used the solution Layers Explorer Tool which is part  XRMToolBox, to locate and remove the unmanaged layers in both flows and Power Apps,  in my (high-end) managed environments. This allows updating via the deployment process but can mean you need to re-establish PowerApp->flow connectors, as they may disconnect.


Note, one thing we have learned is to limit the Dataverse security roles for both users and devs in the high-end environments - If you can't edit flows or apps, you are unable to create unmanaged layers and cause a whole world or pain!

Hi @westerdaled 

No, actually I am trying to update the app by exporting the new version and updating the old version of the app to the new but there I am not getting the flows that I want to update. 

@lisha wrote:

Hi @westerdaled 

No, actually I am trying to update the app by exporting the new version and updating the old version of the app to the new but there I am not getting the flows that I want to update. 

 I think you need to deploy both the app and any flows through the usual solution deploy mechanism.


If the flows are not being upgraded, then you may need to remove the unmanaged layers in the affected apps and flows in the target environment, then redeploy the solution.



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