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uploading an attachment from powerapps to a sharepoint list (not using a custom form)

I have created a powerapp from scratch that is using a Sharepoint list as a datasource.  I would like users to have the ability to upload a file to the list as part of a form.  What is the code I need to put into my Submit button to make this happen?  I've tried Patch and Submitform, but neither seem to get the job done.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Are you using a Form and have the attachment field in a card?


When you submit it is saving all the data except attachment?


Yes, it's in a datacard, in a form.  When I hit the submit button, it doesn't seem to save anything.  I know it doesn't save anything NOW, because I'm using Patch instead of the SubmitForm.

Hmm...I use this on almost of all my Apps so I am not sure what it could be.


Things I would check when you get a chance:

* Check the SharePoint List - List Settings/Advanced Settings -> Make sure you have the Attachments "Enabled"

* You can't rename this column..even it says it does in SP it won't really so check that the name is right on the card:

     * Card - DataField = "{Attachments}"

                - Default = ThisItem.'{Attachments}'

                - Update = DataCardValueName.Attachments

     * DataCardValueName - Items = Parent.Default

                                          - Reset = false


If I had to choose my top choice that it might be would I would say the Update on the card...I myself have had that be wrong and don't even know how I did it but it took me forever to spot it.


I use patch and am not oppose to it but this should be able to be done without it and I try to keep it simple when I can. To each his own...just giving my input. 


Best of luck!



Thanks for your reply.  I was a bit confused by it though (I'm a powerapps noob, remember? :D).  Below is the Patch code I'm using for the submit button to update everything EXCEPT the attachments.

Patch(SPList, Defaults(SPList), {Title: (User().Email & "-" & combo_collection1.Selected.Title), Column2: combo_list1.Selected.Title, Column3: txt_param1.Text, Column4: txt_param2.Text, Column5: Value(num_param3.Text),
    Column6: combo_collection2.Title, Column7: Value(num_param4.Text), Column8: txt_param5.Text,
    Column9: choice_list3.Selected, Column10: (LookUp(col_list2,Title in combo_list2.Selected.Title,ID))})


What can I add to the patch code to include an uploaded attachment?  You can't seem to grab the Item from the attachment control, so what are you supposed to grab to transfer the attached file to SharePoint?  DataCard1.Attachments.Value?  DataCard1.'{Attachments}'?  Does it even work in Patch?  I'm really stuck on this.

Thank you for your help!


PS: I found a community post here that talks about patching attachments, but I don't understand the explanation at all.

Nothing wrong with being a powerapps noob....everybody is still learing on it (esp because they do an update about the time you get it


The reply I posted earlier was the things I would check if you didn't use Patch...sorry if I didn't explain it well. I am pretty sure you can't write Attachments to a SP List using patch...I think it has to be in a form...even if you hide it just to make it work. Even the link you included it seems he ended up using hidden forms to get it done.


Do you really need patch on this one or you think there could be another option? I use patch some but I only use it(personally) when I have editing in a gallery or adding multiple items at once. I don't do any Model Driven Apps, just Canvas but I use forms and galleries in everything I can modify them enough where you can't even tell they are there if you don't like the look of them. I think they work well with SharePoint. 


Sorry I am not being much help but I for sure would look more toward a solution of the attachments being in a form. Let me know if I can be of anymore help (well...any help I guess since I haven't been so far on

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @lumberjacklurch,

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

Do you want to upload a attachment file into your SP list item using Patch function?

If you want to upload a attachment file into your SP list item, I think the Attachments control could achieve your needs. Please check and see if the following blog would help in your scenario:

Please also check the following video for more details:

In addition, if you want to upload attachment file into your SP list item using Patch function, I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in PowerApps currently.

If you would like this feature to be added in PowerApps, please submit an idea to PowerApps Ideas Forum:


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Rebeccas/Kris, thank you for your replies.  I've abandoned using Patch.  I duplicated the form and used the default attachments datacard, and it seems to have fixed the issue.  I wish I had been able to get a more detailed fix, but I guess as long as it works...

Advocate II
Advocate II

Lots of good solutions provided here. Just incase you are still struggling with the concept or if someone else is reading this and wants to quickly find out how to do it I have posted a video tutorial on how to setup attachments in your PowerApps / SharePoint application.


Hope this help!

@mbrocchi1 Great stuff! Thoroughly enjoyed it. In your video you are first creating a list item and editing the same to attach the document. How do I attach a document during the list item creation itself? Does Submitform function work even there? How do the formula in my save button should look like?

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