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write to sharepoint list

Thanks to Meneghino i'm using this code: 

If( DropDown1.Selected.Value = "Prive", Value(Eind_Kilometers) - Value(Start_Kilometers))




The only thing is missing, it does not write to my sharepoint list. 


So for you guys it might be simple but for me it does not. 


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Hi the first version of the app is released, im currently working on another app so the topic may closed

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Anonymous


Writing to a SharePoint list (or any other data source) requires:

1. An event to trigger the writing (i.e. pressing a button, choosing a value in a drop down, etc. etc.)

2. Knowing whehter you create a new record, edit an existing record or even delete an existing record.

3. If edit or delete then you need to know which record

4. If new or edit, then you need the values for any fields of the record that you wish to create/modify


If you clarify a little more your use case in light of the above then I can help you further.  For example, do you want to write SharePoint as soon as the value of DropDown1 is changed?  Or do you want to write the value Value(Eind_Kilometers) - Value(Start_Kilometers) to another column when the general Save button is pressed?

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I want to write the value Value(Eind_Kilometers) - Value(Start_Kilometers) to column Aantal_Prive_Kilomters when the general Save button is pressed



And Eind_Kilomters - Start_Kilometers only must be done when the value of the dropdownlist is Prive

Community Champion
Community Champion

Understood.  I assume that you are using a form, but please let me know if you are not.


Do you have a data card for the Aantal_Prive_Kilomters column in your form? If not, then please create one.


Then you should set its Default property to:

If( DropDown1.Selected.Value = "Prive", Value(Eind_Kilometers) - Value(Start_Kilometers))

Please see if this works.


If it does, then we can worry about preventing people from changing the value etc.


PS Please refer here for info:

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Yes, im using a form, the code you give me i im using currently, and displays the Eind_Kilometers - Start_kilometers but not does write the result of Eind_Kilometers - Start_Kilometers to the column Aantal_Prive_Kilometers



And the datacard does have the name DataCard26

Community Champion
Community Champion

Do you have a data card for the Aantal_Prive_Kilomters column in your form?

Or did you simply create a text box?


I find forms are very complicated as soon as you try to make any customisation.

Please let me know if you are ready to try another approach, basically doing your own form.

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I have a Datacard for Aantal_Prive_Kilometers called DataCard26

Community Champion
Community Champion

OK, understood.

As I mentioned, I don't really use forms because they are difficult to customise.

If you want we can start to build your own form from the controls.

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Maybe another time.


Currently Auto creating an app based on my database 😉


Im not an app developer, so i know the very basics. 

Hi Nick_M,


What is your current situation?

Do you still need help regarding this topic?

For form which are auto-generated, please check the document below for more details:

Edit form and display form controls in PowerApps

For edit form, the form are built automatically based on the columns from your data source, which we could add or edit a record;

Just checking with your formula, I think the way you would like to achieve is to update some column value based on special selection, right?

Just add the if formula after the original formula of the Onselect property of the Save button, with a ";" to seperate them.

The if formula sould be in the format below:

If( DropDown1.Selected.Value = "Prive", patch(table, BaseRecord, ChangeRecord1))

Do in this way should make the update work.

Please see the function reference for more details:

Patch function in PowerApps

More:Update and Updateif Function in PowerApps

If you need any further assistance on this, please post back.


Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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