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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Hi CW - I’m sorry for the delay, the folks I tagged are out for the holidays - I’ll ping them so you can get some help.
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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Hi, @CW.


Sorry but I can't help but laugh and relate to your plight. Hope you don't mind.


In any case, I've had a similar problem with our apps (it's a bit more complex with several tables simulating parent-child relationships and many-to-many relationships) and our solution was just to give up the premise that PA is supposed to be no-code. i.e. we had to write code and move away from the apparently restrictive abstraction PA gives. 


A helpful function would be to use the Patch() function to save new records, instead of relying on form submission. So, in the OnSelect property of the check icon, use Patch() instead of SubmitForm().



The code would look something like this:

Patch( projects_tasks, Defaults(project_tasks), {
    Title: TitleTextbox.Value,
    Description: DescTextbox.Value,
    DueDate: DateControl.Value,
    Status: StatusDropdown.Selected.Value,
    ParentID: ParentIDDropdown.Selected.Value

I've assumed some names for the controls and dropdowns. Then, add some more code as necessary (e.g. Navigate(), etc.)

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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Hi TheLoneWolf. No I don't mind, someone laughing means someone else, as you stated, have/had similar issues. I don't mind the expressions so much, I did tons of them in Access and InfoPath but at least, instead of providing a myriad of paragraphs saying absolutely nothing, Microsoft should provide a Coles Notes version of when and where to apply these expressions.


Is everyone learning this by osmosis???


So, thanks for the input/feedback. I do have a patch function employed after this particular screen submits. I just followed the lady's YouTube video from Qdabra on how to do this, but, contrary to the promise in the video, the provided package is only half complete. Here is the link:


(1) To save/submit from child edit form:


I think the .updates cmd has been redacted as it gives errors.


(2) From the Parent-child edit form:

SubmitForm(ChartEditForm);If(CountRows(Filter(ChartCollection,ID=0))>0,UpdateIf(ChartCollection,!IsEmpty(ChartEditForm.LastSubmit.ID),{ID:ChartEditForm.LastSubmit.ID}));Patch('Part Designation',ChartCollection);Clear(ChartCollection);Navigate(ChartBrowseScreen,ScreenTransition.None) 

So quickly it allows you to add child items, save/submit then update the collection and when done proceed back to the parent-child form/gallery where you click a button to patch and clear.


Does your patch expression included manage mutliple child items?





PowerApps Staff mabolan
PowerApps Staff

Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

I wanted to thank you for your patience and to let you know that I am actively working on finding a resolution for your issue now that I am back from the holidays. I'll reply back as soon as I have an answer for you.

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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Scores. Happy Holidays.Smiley Happy

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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

@CW --

I just realized that you're using Sharepoint Lists. I don't understand how exactly foreign key restrictions and values are implemented and saved in those lists (I gave up on that one and went to SQL Server instead) so what I gave you may not exactly work. 


Hope you the best of luck though.

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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Haha, ya it is a bit different isn't it. Thanks for the the thought though even though it is based on SQL. Go figure.


I really beleive it is their mandate to bugger areound with our heads to make us crazy. That's why I've been flying off the handle so much about this.


I have 5 different testing Apps trying to do two different things. You get 50% there and blamo, no further. Roadblock. This doesn't work that way, that doesnt work this way, oh and if it's a Tuesday with a full moon this may work provided you click with your left hand. Sorry for the cynicism but, honestly, that is my experience with Microsoft and SharePoint.


And these are supposed to be simple, everyday normalized functionality: A little list with a little child list. That's it!!!!


In 2018 I've spent and wasted countless hours coming up on road block after another. But hey, what about those Toronto Maple Leafs eh?


Thanks for your response.



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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Hello everyone!

By using the following code I was able to make it work.....the Parent ID is saved in the record. However, after the record is added "task" it will not show in power apps but it will show in sharepoint



{'@odata.type':"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference", Id: ProjectList.Selected.ID, Value: ProjectList.Selected.Title}






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Re: Parent/Child New Form question/issue

Hi ExtJac. I had tried that previously and found it worked to a degree for me as well but wa having problems, due to lack of ecperience with this, trying to get the collection updated.


I don't know, are you supposed to submit the form as a child item first then return to the parent form/child gallery where the gallery is based on a collection, Maybe I'm trying to make it more difficult than need be?


Or maybe it all would've helped with a couple of such examples by Microsoft? No Excel, no SQL no common data etc. etc. Something geared towards SP.


Not everyone uses those. I have O365 and have no need to fool around with SQL or waste time putting this data into excel in OneDrive(???) or a common data store. It's my O365, my lists, my data as is the case with probably a lot of folks, therefore, wouldnt it make more sense for Microsoft to provide a few examples rather than only a myriad of convoluted reference pages that no one reads? That technique worked in the 80's when this was all new but no one has time these days to read those pages. We want (well I want) real world examples and if I want to learn more about an expression I'll go to the puzzle palace to look it up.


With the current setup we get led down a rabbit hole. Pretend this is buying a new vehicle. You purchase it then find out the seat is installed sideways because a few people (companies) like it that way. So you have to read a manual to figure out how to remove the seat and reinstall it the proper way, but when you're lucky enough to fiigure that out, now the steering wheel is missing or doesnt turn because it was tied into the seat position. Round and round and round. All this to say again: we can avoid all this by having REAL WORLD examples, not examples done by some programmer with some company. A good example is the Inspection template. That's pretty close to what I was looking for but, everything is in a collection, and couldnt find where that was created based on the Excel data. Hmmm, so I added some records and checked out the excel file; no new data. Whhhhaaaatttt???? How helpful is that? Not.


Anyway thanks again ExcJac, I'll try and implement that idea. If I get something working finally I'll try and post the example but if my past experience is an indication I don't know if it'd be useful by simply downloading it from................somewhere. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a forum where we could share our templates???

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