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Pen input save image to SharePoint

Ok, So i have spend 16 hrs trying to figure this out. I have read everything on the inetrnet it seems and still cant grasp how to save the image from a pen input to a sharpoint list, 


here is my scenario. 

I have an App that is meant to allow our technicians in the field to fill out a contract and have the customer sign it at which point the app captures the text inputs, stores them in a collection & sends to sharepoint. I am planning to use flow to render a PDF that has all the legal mumbo jumbo and text inputs on it as well as the signature captured in the app and then email this to the customer as well as store it in our system.  I can not for the life of me figure out how to get the Pen input image to show up in sharepoint so that i can then include it on the PDF. 


Anyone? Please help! i want to pull my hair out and then jump off a bridge. Below is what i have. 


Signatures: Signature,
Preventative: Preventitive_True_False.Text,
Curative: Curative_True_False.Text,
CustomerName: Customer_Name_Input_1.Text,
HomePhone: Home_Phone_Input.Text,
WorkPhone: Work_Phone_Input.Text,
MailingAddress: Mailing_Address_Input.Text,
MailingAddressCity: Mailing_Address_City_Input.Text,
MailingAddressState: Mailing_Address_State_Input.Text,
MailingAddressZip: Mailing_Address_Zip_Input.Text,
PropertyAddress: Property_Address_Input.Text,
PropertyAddressCity: Property_Address_City_Input.Text,
PropertyAddressState: Property_Address_State_Input.Text,
PropertyAddressZip: Property_Address_Zip_Input.Text,
DescriptionOfStructure: Description_of_Structure.Text,
CustomerEmail: Customer_Email_Input.Text,
SummaryOfCharges_A: SOC_A.Text,
SummaryOfCharges_B: SOC_B.Text,
SummaryOfCharges_D: SOC_D.Text,
SummaryOfCharges_C_D: SUM_C_and_D.Text,
MonthlyPayemnts_A: SOC_MP_A.Text,
MonthlyPayemnts_B: SOC_MP_B.Text,
MonthlyPayemnts_A_B: SOC_MP_Sum_A_and_B.Text,
Annual_Renewal: Annual_Renewal_Term_Fee.Text,
Transfer_Fee: Ownership_Transfer_Fee.Text
Preventative: Preventative,
Curative: Curative,
CustomerName: CustomerName,
HomePhone: WorkPhone,
WorkPhone: WorkPhone,
MailingAddress: MailingAddress,
MailingAddressCity: MailingAddressCity,
MailingAddressState: MailingAddressState,
MailingAddressZip: MailingAddressZip,
PropertyAddress: PropertyAddress,
PropertyAddressCity: PropertyAddressCity,
PropertyAddressState: PropertyAddressState,
PropertyAddressZip: PropertyAddressZip,
DescriptionOfStructure: DescriptionOfStructure,
CustomerEmail: CustomerEmail,
SummaryOfCharges_A: SummaryOfCharges_A,
SummaryOfCharges_B: SummaryOfCharges_B,
SummaryOfCharges_D: SummaryOfCharges_D,
SummaryOfCharges_C_D: SummaryOfCharges_C_D,
MonthlyPayemnts_A: MonthlyPayemnts_A,
MonthlyPayemnts_B: MonthlyPayemnts_B,
MonthlyPayemnts_A_B: MonthlyPayemnts_A_B,
Annual_Renewal: Annual_Renewal,
Transfer_Fee: Transfer_Fee,
Signatures: Signature

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Pen input save image to SharePoint

Hi @Mathorto 


Do you want to save pen input image to SP list?

You need to use MS Flow to achieve this.

Could you please reference this?


Best Regards.


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Re: Pen input save image to SharePoint

I executed on the steps in:

I still cannot get the Flow to run. 

Flow set up.JPG

I keep getting this error. 


Flow Error.JPG



Also; in the instructions in the link it says noting about adding the trigger/Flow to my button in PowerApps? 

Do i need to do this? if so i am not sure about configuration. 


This is what i have in onselect the ???? is what i cant get

Collect(Doodles, {SketchSmiley Frustratedignature.Image}); '"SavedImages"'.Run(????)


Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. 






Re: Pen input save image to SharePoint

Hi @Mathorto how are you progressing with this? I'm going to bump in the hopes the community can assist. 



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Re: Pen input save image to SharePoint

An easy and multi-purpose solution is found to add pen-input to Sharepoint/Email/PDF thanks to the addition of a PowerApps Json functionality added on 02/05/2019.

The Short description on how to make this work is to save the pen input image in a JSON format asking the JSON function to include Binary Data:

Set( PenVar, JSON( PenInput1.Image,JSONFormat.IncludeBinaryData ) );

See here for details:

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