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PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users



I have a powerapp form. I wanted to hide 1 of the fields from the user or make it non-editable but make it show and editable for the users manager. So the process is:


1) User fills in mandatory fields in form 

2) 1 or 2 fields would be hidden (preferred) or non-editable for the user in the form

3) The user submits the form and the manager can go back and see the hidden fields and add a value to it


I tried to change the field to read only mode, but then the manager cant edit it. 


are there anyways to do this? I had saw some posts about filtering by user roles and permissions which but Im still looking at the best options.


Maybe I could add a filter so if the user belongs to a certain permission group, then hide a field? if not show it

OR the opposite would be better? Make the field hidden and non-editable by default but if then filter it so if the email address is a managers it will show?


Thank you! 


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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users


Keep in mind with all of this that you are creating security through obscurity.  The fact will still remain that if a user can edit columns of a SharePoint list, they can edit them all.  The fact that you Hide a field from users in PowerApps does not preclude that they can't still get to the information directly in the SharePoint list.  Just wanted to make sure that was aware.


Now, the suggestion that @durstp suggests is pretty much spot-on.   If you want to control the visibility of a DataCard you can do so with the Visible property of the DataCard.

1) The super simple - Visible(User().Email="")  only that person will see the datacard.


2) The more flexible but more complex - Create a Role/Access (Access Control List - ACL) in SharePoint and provide names and roles there that can access. I will state one of the processes I use often for this...

Step 1 - Create a SharePoint list for your ACL

   Call it what you want (I'm calling it AppACL in this scenario) and put it wherever you want.  I'd recommend that general users ONLY have read access to the list - they must have at least that permission.

Step 2 - Put the following Columns in the SharePoint AppACL list (as an example - you can add other columns for other aspects of the role):

   UserEmail Text Column (you can rename Title to this if you want, just remember it is still technically "Title")

   HasManagerRole - A Yes/No column

Step 3 - Add a record (or more) in the SharePoint AppACL list with the email address of the people you want to have access.  Set the HasManagerRole to Yes for them.  (By nature of this solution, you don't have to add people who would NOT have a manager role, only those that do).

Step 4 - In your PowerApps app, create a connection to the AppACL list.

Step 5 - In your OnStart (best place for it, but you can do elsewhere if necessary) place the following Formula:

Set(MyACLprofile, Lookup(AppACL, Title = User().Email))  //remember from above if you renamed Title to UserEmail, it's still title.  If you added another column for the email address, then use that instead of Title

Step 6 - Anywhere you want to control a property based on the permission in the ACL, use the formula:


So, for your needs, on the DataCard for the field you want to hide from everyone except those with access, set the Visible property to (MyACLprofile.HasManagerRole)


That's all there is.  You can now control the datacard visibility (and any other control you set this on) from your SharePoint ACL list.


Hope this helps clear it up.


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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

you can bind the visible property to a variable or a condition

TODO: select your field, go to advanced properties, search visible and enter your condition

for example:

User().Email = ""

so if the email address is that of the manager the field will be visible

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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

hi @durstp 


Could I make the field hidden by default so all users cant see it then  add this condition that if the email address is the field shows and is editable?


Can I add more than one email address ? Or even assign a group/site permission like site owners can see it??


Thank you for reply





Could this solution work?


So make the field hidden when you click new item, but show when you click edit? 

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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

if you want to make the field visible afterwards, you should bind it to a variable and later change this variable

VisibleProperty = myVariable


yes you can enter more than one email address, but then you have to change it in your app every time.


but it would be better if you create a userlist where you can assign roles. then you have to search for the email address of the user at startup. then you can bind all fields for example to the variable roleManager and hide them automatically by the role.

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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

Hi @durstp 



I tried this other solution from:


I clicked on the data field I want to hide, clicked on visible and added:

If(SharePointForm1.Mode = 1, false, true)


So if the user clicks 'new item' / new form  the field is hidden


But then the manager can click edit on their new item and the field shows up and they can edit it?


Is this a good enough solution, the only downfall is that the user can see the hidden field when they click on their item but that does not matter for us.


BUT the user can also edit this field afterwards I guess? There is a sharepoint setting I believe to only let users create items and not edit them after..


Would you recommend I use this for now or what is the difference with your solution to this? 


PS If I used your solution, I would create a permissions group called e.g Managers, add the people in and then what would I type as the function? 


Thank you

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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

if i understand you correctly, you only want to hide the field on the new form. this is how it works.
but without any user roles, anyone who sees the item can edit this field.


my solution is based on a role concept which for simplicity's sake consists of an additional sharepoint list (two columns: user and role), which can be easily queried via another data source in the app

Set(currentUser,User()); (performance! just query once)


@tested1if one of my posts was helpful then please accept as solution

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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

Thanks @durstp  I will accept it


Sorry Im not the best at understanding PowerApps. Is there any way you could write what to do in some easy steps?

1) Create a new SharePoint list with columns User and Role? 

The people here will have edit/owner level permissions? 

2) Add the binding function..How or where do I add the On start set variables? Is that on the visible section of the Field

3) Add the Appstart function.. Where does this go and link to the sharepoint list I created in 1


Thank you for your help. I appreciate the replies. 

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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users


the difficult part for respondents is always finding out where to pick up the questioner Man Happy


Users should have edit rights in the "main" list. Permissions management is handled by your new list.

Permissions by SharePoint groups is too complicated based on your level of knowledge.

But if you are interested


  1. Create a list with two columns
    1. Column "User" Type "Person or Group"
    2. Column "Role" Type "Choice" (Choices are Admin, Writer, Reader or similar)
  2. Add some entries (especially for yourself)
  3. PowerApps - View - Data sources - Add data source (your new List)
  4. Left panel in powerapps studio, select first entry called "App"
  5. Dropdown above has "Properties" in this case these are more events like "OnStart"
  6. In this function you can do stuff when your app starts like 
  7. ClearCollect(userRoles,NAMEOFYOURDATASOURCE);
  8. This results in...if current users email is in the list and its role is called admin, then set variable isAdmin to true
  9. Then you can bind your fields visibility to isAdmin and
  10. you are done Smiley Very Happy
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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

Thank you @durstp 


I created the new list, and added the Clearcollect...formula to my 'App' 


I get this error (see pic) but also when I click on visibility under advanced and try typing 'isAdmin' it gives an error or its not recognised?



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Re: PowerApps Form - Hiding fields from certain Users

@tested1  sorry but your picture tells nothing about the error. what error?

the only thing i can see is that your ClearCollect contains an illegal parameter.

ClearCollectCollectionItem, ... )

  • Collection – Required. The collection that you want to clear and then add data to.
  • Item(s) - Required. One or more records or tables to add to the data source.

I guess that your problem with the isAdmin is a consequential error because your formula contains an error.

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