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How to setup authentication in power virtual agents


I'm trying to connect authentication using access_token to power agents but it gives me error saying bad request. but token is there in the url. if i try the token to call the API, that is a valid token. 


If i try with code response_type, code is generating but cannot call API requests,it gives me 401


Hi @csomasiri,


How are you connecting authentication on Power Virtual Agents? Are you using the configuration under "Management" > "Authentication"?


Usually a "Bad request" response when the user is signing in means there is a mistake on the configuration. Even a stray space " " can cause that, so I would double check the configuration to see if there is anything there.

Yes, i'm using the Manage -> Authentication


When i used default values or values in this post, it is generating a token but cannot use that as access token since it gives me 401 error. so to use as access token, i need to change response_type to id_token+token or something. when ever i change that, it gives me bad request, but still valid access_token is there in the url

@csomasiri can you give us some screenshots of the issue you're experiencing, so we can try to understand the issue better?

I'm calling an action defined in the flow. and passing the auth token to there(using organizational account). so authentication success and flow throws 401. please find the attached screenshots as requested.


Token URL Template{tenant}/oauth2/v2.0/token


Token Body Template



Authorization URL Template{tenant}/oauth2/v2.0/authorize


Authorization URL Query String Template



If i change the response type to following, it shows bad request but in the url it has a valid access token response_type=id_token+token

Any movement on this? I'm having the same problem and used the details found here with a new Client ID and secret generated in the same environment on Azure AD.


I see a similar topic was resolved, however this was using Dynamics and Flow and isn't relevant to this particular thread. 

Helper V
Helper V

In Power Virtual Agents, select Manage on the side navigation pane and then go to the Authentication tab.
Enter the information as described for each of the fields in the following table. The information required depends on your setup and provider.
Click Save to finish the configuration.

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