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PVA Response Support some portions of Markdown formatting!!!!

I was working with trying to format responses and it appears that we can work around the lack of formatting within the tool by leveraging Markdown syntax in the responses from Flow which is super helpful for displaying sets of data. It is not truly a rich format yet, but it is getting better!


I setup my response in flow with a string, starting value:
| State | Count |

| ----- | -----|


From there, I iterated through the responses and appended to the string for each one, note the pipe characters injected in the Markdown Example Image.




Advocate I
Advocate I

Works with images and GIFs too! 

Append to String:


![Alt Text](





I found it does NOT work well in teams though. It seems like teams chat just shows the full Markdown string.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Also I was able to insert markdown directly into the PVA (no Power Automate needed).
The GIF is little bit tricky tho. I had to insert it as a hyperlink.




You can use a Power Automate flow to insert a video thumbnail into you Dialog in Power VA via markdown.


Example of markdown:

[![Intro to Power Virtual Agents](]



Clicking on the image icon in Dialog will play the Video in a new tab.

Frequent Visitor

These markdown formating options do not appear to be working anymore in PVA response messages.  I've tried the examples from this post, and they don't work anymore.  Can someone confirm that they are still working for them?

Same here, can't even add simple markdown.

Inserting images and video markdown in PVA uisng Power Automate flow still works.


Using image and video examples from this post:



After some more playing, it seems that limited markdown does work when passed as a variable from flow.  However, the same markdown doesn't work when used directly in a message block.


The other issue is finding something that works with all the channels that you want to support.  For example, the table markdown wasn't supported by Teams.  I had to play with the formating until I found something that worked with Web and Teams channels.  I'm using Bold, URL's, and Unordered lists fine.

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