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Cascade dropdowns in model driven apps

I have these two entities who are related (one order: multiple products):





Owner (Values come from the Owners entity, based on the Facility)




ProductType (I need these values to be filtered based on the facility from Order entity)


I created a model driven app and it works great; however how can i filter the ProductType values based on the Facility choosen?

I can filter the owner values based on facility because they are part of the same entity (using the related records filtering property of the field); but the ProductType is in a different entity than the Facility field; how can i filter values to create a casacde dropdown?



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Super User III

Re: Cascade dropdowns in model driven apps

Hi @MsMicrosoft 

I have been experimenting with Model driven apps for a few months but I am not an expert.  I don't believe that you can use cascading dropdowns.  However, you can use a Subgrid on a form to show related items in a different entity as long as the child entity (Products) uses a many to one relationship to the parent (Orders).

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Re: Cascade dropdowns in model driven apps

Would you mind linking to an article or video that has instructions for this? Thanks!

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Super User III

Re: Cascade dropdowns in model driven apps

Hi @Anonymous 

I have found very little on this feature and most of what I learned was by trial and error. This is a reference starting point. I get the feeling that embedding a canvas app into a MDA is probably the way to go but I haven't gotten around to exploring that.  There are quite a few references for this in recent months and a few videos as well.  

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