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Data integration issue from Azure SQL db to CDS

Hi @dazhang,


We are trying to buil a data integration project from Azure SQL to CDS. The problem is occuring when we try to move data from many tables from Azure SQL to CDS at the same time. If we do query by query it is working fine. I am attaching a ppt which describes the issue in detail. 

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Re: Data integration issue from Azure SQL db to CDS

Hello @semarm,

From your first attempt of loading data to multiple entities, looks like it failed to retrieve the information of the entity Firm. After the failure, are you able to verify whether the Firm entity is created?


For second attemp to load data to Firm entity, if you don't load related tables together, the relationship won't be loaded.

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Re: Data integration issue from Azure SQL db to CDS

Hi, I got got a similar problem. Setting up a connection and a new Entity works fine, but when loading it fails to create the new Entity. It gives the warning: " Load to Common Data Service failed. Details: No entity was created for this query, or the entity no longer exists. (Job ID: {1})"...?


I do have a PowerApps Trial account and an Azure SQL database. The trial account expires in 7 days, so I hope to be able to test this properly before it expires. New Trial licenses can't be started due to my company's admin policies ("Your IT department has turned off signup for Microsoft PowerApps. Contact them to complete signup."), but I don't know if this has anything to do with the fialure...


Thank you very much for any suggestions on how to fix this...