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Define Entitiy Relationships in Canvas App

Hi Guys,


does anyone have some experience on the following topics?

  • Write the “GUID” of an m:n relationship between 2 entities with a patch function in the canvas app:
    We submit a new form and want to patch the “GUID” of the last submitted form in a new record of another entity.

How can you define and write relationships (many to many) in CDS?


  • Access Teams (Dynamics)
    How can you add or remove Users from “Access Teams” (Dynamics) via a Canvas App?


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Re: Define Entitiy Relationships in Canvas App

Hi @Flowme 

I prefer to handle M:M relationships by creating a junction table as a separate entity.  Then, I can address the one to many relationships from either side of the junction table. This approach has the advantage that I can add additional fields to the junction table.  A feature that cannot be done using the "built in" relationships created by CDS.  has an example of the junction table in a paradigm of Students and Classes with the additional feilds that would most appropriately be found in each table. 

EricRegnier Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Re: Define Entitiy Relationships in Canvas App

Hi @Flowme,

To create a many-to-many (N-N) relationship you have two options in CDS:

  1. Out-of-the-box N-N. Here are the steps:
  2. Like @Drrickryp mentioned, a custom N-N with a junction entity which could give you more flexibility.

To create/update the record and relationships, it is fully supported with the CDS Web API which is what the Connector uses. Here's more details this and suggest to have a quick read:


For you 2nd question, members of Access Teams are just user records. To add/remove, all you need to do is create/delete the membership record for that Access Teams. There are two API operations to achieve this:



Hope this helps!

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