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Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

I'm a little confused of why I am not seeing corresponding power apps enviroments in power apps. 


I have 2 production instances and 1 sandbox instance all 9.0+. They all have been upgraded to 9 in the US region. I do not have the corresponding enviroments in power apps. 


When I create new environments it does not create them in the region my D365 and Office 365 tenant is in (US) It creates them in the Canadian region. - The is what I always have see from the link the the Dynamics Admin Center in Office 365 Admin. It contains the 3 instances refered to above. - This is where the instances are created when I create a new environment in power apps. 


I have a ticket open with Microsoft but I also wanted to check here to see if anyone has had this experience and could recommend any actions. 

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Re: Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

Hi @AnalogIT


It should depend which region you select when creating the PowerApps environment.


You can check this by going to and looking in the 'Region' column


Hope this helps.

PowerApps Staff CWesener
PowerApps Staff

Re: Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

Adding @ManasMSFT from the Admin team.

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Re: Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

Thank-you @lewis_hm 


My Dynamics 365 CE instances are in the North America Region and were created pre 2016, pre Canadian DataCenter. The regions showing up in is the environments I created recently. (Canada or United States). My Azure AD is located  on a US data center with a region of Canada but all Office 365 and Dynamics instances are in the US datacenters. 


Those are the clues we have so far. But still no view of Dynamics 365 databases (enviroments) in powerapps. 

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Re: Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

@ManasMSFT - I'm having the same issue as @AnalogIT but slightly in different regions.  Our O365 region is in Europe datacenter as it was provisioned prior to the UK datacenter being available.  This now means that if I try and create a new environment in PowerApps region "Europe (default)" it won't let me as it says that my Azure datacenter is "united kingdom" (please see attached).


So I think that PowerApps is looking for environments created in the region of our AAD home location (UK / instead of our original/default region i.e. in my case Europe (


Happy to have a call if the above doesn't make sense.


Many thanks,



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Re: Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

Hi @AnalogIT - speaking to our FastTrack Program Manager, he suggested that we move our D365 environments created in the Europe datacenter (crm4) to the UK datacenter (crm11).  Then the environments should appear in PowerApps as it will then be the same as our AAD home location (UK).  Our O365 tenant is/will remain in Europe datacenter though.


If I think I've understood correctly, it might be worth expanding further on your ticket or submit a new one to ask for your D365 environments to be moved to the Canadian datacenter?  Then it will match the region of your AAD home location and they should appear in PowerApps.


Our D365 environments are being moved today/tomorrow so I'll let you know if I have any success...!

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Re: Dynamics 365 CE Instances in Power apps.

@lewishm That looks to be the only fix right now. Thank-youfor taking the time to point me in that direction. 

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