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Get data from CDS via REST - Authentication error in combination with Azure AD

Hi everybody,

I've got a problem with getting data from Common Data Service and do really not know anymore how to continue. Propably it is really simple and I just forgot one small step, but I cannot find good documentation on my error.


I want one of my company's programs to access data stored in a custom CDS entity. I try to recreate every step here, so maybe there you can find the problem.

1. I created the custom entity

2. I registered an app in Azure Active Directory and gave it permissons (Attachment 1)
3. I try to test the API via Postman. First I obtain the Access token (Att. 2)

4. I use the GET Call with the generated Token (Att. 3)


As a result, I get the HTTP response 401 - Unauthorized with following Header:


Content-Type →text/html
Server →
WWW-Authenticate →Bearer error=invalid_token, error_description=Error during token validation!, authorization_uri=[Azure Tenant ID]/oauth2/authorize, resource_id=https://[Org ID]
x-ms-service-request-id →...
REQ_ID →...
x-authentication-ticketid →...
Date →Thu, 29 Nov 2018 08:44:14 GMT
Content-Length →49


I think the problem is, that I have to give the Azure App ID to the CDS, but I'm really stuck and don't know where to do it. I cannot add Application IDs to the Security Users.


Any pointers or solution would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards


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