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Re: How do I update CDS Contact entity _parentcustomerid_type and _parentcustomerid_value

Any update on the CDS Customer (or Account) funcationality?  I am trying to filter a Gallery of Contacts based on a Drop Down control of Accounts.  My two CDS entities (Contacts and Accounts) have a relationship and in Dynamics the Account is an available field for the Contact Entitiy, but the Account field is not available for any control that has Contacts as the data source in PowerApps.  All I am trying to do is get a list of all contacts associated with a specific Account.  Why is this so hard and what am I missing?

PowerApps Staff bsimons
PowerApps Staff

Re: How do I update CDS Contact entity _parentcustomerid_type and _parentcustomerid_value

Hello - 

Take a look at this blog as it has the details on how you can use these customer fields within your application:


Hope this helps!