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Resident Rockstar

How to understand the limits of Dataflows (and everything else for that matter)

I would really like to continue this discussion:


It was marked as answered, though many questions are left unasnwered.


It is a very fair question is if the nebulous limits of CDS make it useful at all.  It seems that there are more and more "features" being offered, which cost more money (premium), and offer seemingly better capacity and improvements, but when you look at it overall, it appears that there are limits that still keep you from getting where you need to go.


For instance... I have an on-prem gateway, as the person in the previous post.  I was excited to find a way to get my data into (what is still to be proven) a quicker accessibility, and to have the data refresh there (CDS via Dataflow) every 15 minutes.  


Well, I thought this was working great.  I created views in SQL that contained only the pertinent data, then created a dataflow to those views into CDS.  Well, it worked great for the first two, one is 1300 rows, the other 2500.  My last one, though only 5 columns of data, is 2800 rows.  This one fails to complete load.  Gives a "warning" but nowhere to read what the warning is.



I suspect that the 6000 limit has something to do with it, but I've yet to understand 6000 of WHAT is the limit?  Its all very nebulous, and it seems its meant to be that way.  It also takes a very long time to load.  The same data I have been gathering in a flow command and passing to powerapps that way.  The exact same data.  I do a huge dump into collections, and this takes about 30 seconds on load when I run the app.  So, I suppose I have two questions about Dataflows:


1)  What are the limits and what do they mean.  

2)  What performace can you expect

3)  Is there a better way to do this?


THank you.


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Re: How to understand the limits of Dataflows (and everything else for that matter)

To answer my own quesiton on this specific issue, the Warning I was getting was defined in the "Action" column.  The down arrow is the download of the error file.  


What do I find???  I get 50 of these errors:




All are in response to a negative value of the "Available" field in this table.  I find it quite interesting that it shows the value, then tells me that the type "Decimal" is outside of a valid range 0 to 10000000000.  However many zeros...  Anywho, my elementary math tells me that a decimal can be negative.  This seems highly irregular.  To fix this, I change the field in the mapping to a "Text" type.  I dont like doing this, because now I have to convert it back to a decimal later.  A waste of computation time.  


I would like someone to explain to me why a negative decimal is not valid.  Seems to be a fundamental error!!!

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