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Import from excel - how do I import/maintain N:N (many to many) relationships?



I'm new to Powerapps & the Common Data Service--hence the noob question... I'm hoping someone can direct me. I am doing a table import (from Excel spreadsheets) into the database, so I began by exporting to *.csv the blank tables out of CDS. I'll use them as templates to fill in with data & do the import... and I *think* I can figure out how to import/maintain tables related by 1:N relationships (lookup fields from other tables).


However, that said, I have two tables (entities), with one field in each joined by a many-to-many relationship. Given that these fields were not exported from my blank CDS database & I can't see a way to populate the intermediary join table inherent in the many-to-many relationship, how can I import the fields related with a many-to-many-relationship?


Any hints would be hugely appreciated. I haven't played around with N:N relationships before, so I may have this all backwards (apologies in advance), thx!

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Re: Import from excel - how do I import/maintain N:N (many to many) relationships?

Hmmm, After reading around, I decided to go a different route & create my own custom intermediary join table/entity to hold all the records for the N:N many to many relationship. That way I can maintain control over the data import process (I have near 30,000 records to import, so manually entering those relationships definitely isn't a good option).


I thought I knew how to import entity data that contained lookup fields. As it turns out, I am still feeling my way forward. I found this link, the answer to which (3rd post down) uses the old Dynamics 365 interface, but I'm wondering if there's a better way... When I tried doing it in the Powerapps interface, I set Alternate Keys in the entities referenced by the lookup fields to help map the records, but the import dialogue keeps throwing a "Couldn't resolve the guid for the lookup field: xxxxx_xxxxx" error.


Should I just use Dynamics 365 for importing entities with lookup fields, or is there a way to do it in Powerapps?

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Re: Import from excel - how do I import/maintain N:N (many to many) relationships?

Hi @Madumi ,


You need some external tools to help you manage NN relationship. I recommend you to use XrmToolBox plugin for Importing N:N relationships.


Manage NN relationships: 

Best regards,


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