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Issue getting the current item in iteration

Hello Guys,


I have an issue iterating the items in ForAll(). Here is the brief requirement that we are trying to achieve.


We have a gallery with check boxes, based on the selection we would like to insert the checked items of a gallery into an entity. For check and uncheck of the check boxes we are adding and removing items from a collection and looping that collection using ForAll.


How would I get the current item from the collection which is under iteration. 


ForAll(SelectedOptions, Patch('Assessments',Defaults('Assessments'),{Employee: LookUp(Contacts, Contact=ContactID), Option:Last(LoopedItem)}))


In the above formula I would like to add the current item under iteration in option.


Any help would be highly appreciated. 



Syed Danish


Re: Issue getting the current item in iteration

Hi @syed_aalam001 :

Do you want to get the current item in iteration?

The key is to use the lookup function to find the corresponding item in the loop body.

I assume ‘Value' is a field in the data source “SelectedOptions” and can be used as a unique identifier.

I adjusted the code for your reference


 RenameColumns(SelectedOptions,"Value","Valuee"),/*Create temporary tables and change field names to eliminate ambiguity*/
 Patch('Assessments',Defaults('Assessments'),{Employee: LookUp(Contacts, Contact=ContactID), Option:LookUp(SelectedOptions,Value=Valuee)}) /*LookUp(SelectedOptions,Value=Valuee) is the current item in iteration*/


My idea is to use a unique identifier to match and find the corresponding record.Because two tables have the same field names, this will cause ambiguity, so I used RenameColumns (which does not change the data source) at the beginning to modify the field names to eliminate ambiguity.

Best Regards,


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