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Price List Item cannot be filtered on Price List in a canvas app

Hi guys,


currently we're struggling trying to filter price list items based on a price list that is given by a record from the modeldrivenformintegration (Model Driven App).

It was not even possible straight away to add Price List Item at all as a data source. I needed to switch to the new data source experience. But still I cannot filter the items as it says the pricelist field cannot be expanded or something like that. Maybe my formula is wrong, but seems like price list & price list item has a special role here.

First picture shows my first try which didn't work as it seems like the right side of the formula is a record and cannot be compared directly.

Second picture I tried to get the Price List (unique identifier) of the record itself by saying "Pricelist.Pricelist" which works in design time but leads to the attached error in runtime.


Any help would be great.




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Re: Price List Item cannot be filtered on Price List in a canvas app

Hi @aschwarz ,

Could you tell me the data type of pricelist field?

Try this formula:


Waht's more, could you tell me how do you get the Price List (unique identifier)?

Here're some helpful tips about modeldrivenformintegartion for your reference:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu

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Re: Price List Item cannot be filtered on Price List in a canvas app

Hi @v-yutliu-msft ,


I have a custom entity contract and on the contract I have a lookup field to the pricelist (pricelevel).

On the contract form I want to integrate a canvas app to show the contract lines (also a custom entity) and provide an easy way to pick price list items from the corresponding pricelist.

Therefore I want to grab the pricelist in the canvas app and use it as a filter for the price list items (which is the default relation for sure). But that doesn't work.

I've tried multiple ways but it seems like the entity pricelist is not acting like other entities in the CDS.

I can show all price list items (of all price lists) but when I try to filter I do not get any results.

Filter('Price List Items', 'Price List'.'Price List' = [@ModelDrivenFormIntegration].Item.Pricelist.'Price List')