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Pulling line manager from office365/azureAD

Hi all, my first post and im new to PowerApps...



im making an app that does all sorts, but one part that im struggling on is showing the line manager members of staff on their tickets.


basically, i have an entity in CDS that stores various fields that im using in my app, but one of them is a relationship with the 'user' entity in CDS. my hope is that a ticket for user 'A' can then automatically pull then mane, phone number, and email address of their line manager. is this possible?

currently, to try to simply get their name, i have put in the following code in the 'Default' field on one of the data cards:


this isnt throwing any errors, but equally the text input that i have set to


doesnt return anything.


furthermore, even if i can get it to show the line manager's name, its going to be even harder to pull their email and phone number from azure/office365users... wint almost all of the formulas i try, it results in:


'This property expects Text values, but this rule produces incompatible record values.'


could anyone point me in the right direction? it doesnt help that as much as i try, im struggling to understand the technical terms used in the microsoft docs on PowerApps