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Record owner and record privileges for specific users

I'm trying to implement my first model-driven powerapp based on CDS.


I have an entity "Insurance" for which I want to set the following security model:
A team of 5-10 people should be able to edit all insurance records.
In addition, one or two people should be defined as editors per record. That varies from record to record.


I have set the ownership of the entity to user/team.
I created an owner team with the appropriate members and I created an appropriate security role for this team.


Is it possible to set the field "owner" automatically to the corresponding team value (instead of the current user)? The field "owner" shouldn't be able to be changed and, ideally, the field should not be displayed to the user.


Is it possible to define a field which enables selected users access to the specific entry? How can this be implemented?
As far as I've read that, it should be possible with auto-created access teams. But is that the preferred way for such a simple requirement?

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Re: Record owner and record privileges for specific users

Taking each in turn:

1) Yes, you can create a workflow process to automatically set the owner to a team

2) Using teams is probably the simplest way, and I'd say it is slightly easier to use owner teams, as you can assign the record to the owning team (as per 1 above), and if the owning team is in a security role that grants Update access at the user level on this entity, this should do what you want

An alternative is to use sharing. This can be automated via a workflow, but needs an extension -

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Re: Record owner and record privileges for specific users

Thanks for your response.


@ 1) Is it also possible to hide the field in this case? The owner field is a required field by default.


@ 2) The additional privileged user is unknown until a member of the "insurance team" creates a new record. Only the creator knows who should get additional access to this new record.

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