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Re: Relationship between Activities and other Entities

I have the exact same questions as you do. 


Also, I see that there is the Task entity as well, that does have a data table. I am wondering if somehow there is a relationship between the Activity and Task entities. 


This is such a fundamental aspect to a business, that I am not sure why it seems cryptic in nature, to know what is going on here. 

The documentation encourages people to use as much as possible the existing entities, but I am afraid that unless there is crystal clear instructions with examples, it will be lost to most people, especially those who are not programmers.

Helper V
Helper V

Re: Relationship between Activities and other Entities

hi @Yobeekster 


Its certainly a voyage of discovery.


Despite the best efforts of the guys, I was never 100% on this.


My conclusions was that the Activity entity is effectively a bridging table to consolidate the variety of different activities.  Whenever you create an email, or an appointment, it generates an entry in the Activity table which clearly duplicates data in the individual entities.  Hence you can't write data there directly.  There is also the ActivityParty table which records the fact that each Activity has multiple Parties ie Sender/Recipient


My advice would be to pull the various tables into Power BI if you can and eyeball the data....over time you start to get a feel for the schema.


If we put my lack of knowledge to one side...there are a number of issues I am finding.


The Community are super helpful - some embarrassingly so - but everyone comes from their own level of expertise and their own perspectives.  I am finding that Dynamics 365 and CDM behave differently, so SMEs confident in dynamics do not necessarily 'get' some of the questions we are asking.  


Also, as you say, the documentation is very good in some areas but not so good in others.  The ecosystem is changing quickly so the documentation doesn't always keep up.


And there are bugs across different tenants, synching delays etc


I put it down to a maturity curve...I am sure it will but currently i think the good far outweighs the bad.


I am happy to maintain a dialogue to share my thinking....but more questions than answers.


Good luck!




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