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Rollup Fields

Hello Community!


When I create the Rollup field, it results in two fields being created - "Rollup Sample (Last Updated On)" and "Rollup Sample (State)" which are DateTime and Whole Number respectively. Selecting the Whole Number field does not give you the option to open the Rollup calculation window (See Image).

Additionally, I tried to open the rollup calculation when creating the field but the new window does not open.

I do not have this issue when creating a Calculated Field.


I can work around this issue by switching to the classic solution editor, but it might be worth logging this as a bug if it is one Smiley Happy

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Re: Rollup Fields

You need to understand how the Rollup and Calculated fields work, they are different and have specific functionality, and create backend system fields that you don't need to modify or use, please review the following documentation 


Calculated and rollup attributes

Common Data Service for Apps – Calculated & Rollup Fields (Spring 2018 Release) – Part 5


hope this will help!


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Re: Rollup Fields


I am encountering the same (defect?) behavior as OP.  Specifically, when I add a rollup field to an entity it does not open the calculation dialog box and only shows the "last updated on" and "state" fields using Default view of entity fields.  The rollup field does appear in using the classic view.

This problem only occurs in one of my enviroments.  I have repeated the steps in another environment and it behaves as you would expect (as outlined in the material referenced by @AbeSaldana above.

PowerApps team, can you shed some light?

Not sure if it is relevant, but additional info:

  • Type of field I'm adding is a Currency
  • Environment with expected behavior is a Trial (db version: and the entity is in the Default Solution
  • Environment with unexpected behavior is Production (db version: and the entity is within a Custom Solution