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Upgrade to use native CDS connector

Hello, everyone,

I am trying to connect to a Custom Entity with the CDS Connector. With the Dynamics365 Connector (deprecated) this always worked and the data could be retrieved.

With the CDS Connector I can connect to the entity but the data from the table is not displayed. I have adopted the settings for the CDS as shown on the Microsoft page.

Does anybody have an idea what the problem might be?


This is how it looks like with the old

Dynamics365 connector:


And here with the new Common Data Service Connector:



This ist my Code for this:

First(Sort(FotoIDs; Fotonummer; Descending)).Fotonummer+1


i hope anyone can help me.. 🙂


best regards



Super User II
Super User II

Re: Upgrade to use native CDS connector

Hi @Monclair, are you connected to the CDS connector with the same account as the D365 connector? Seems like they may be different with different security roles with less access to those records. Cheers

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Re: Upgrade to use native CDS connector

Hi @EricRegnier,


Thank you very much for your answer. I adapted the security roles and authorized myself directly to the Custom Entity. Unfortunately it still does not retrieve the data and the error message "The request was not sent or no response was received from the server" appears.

The strange thing is, with the Dynamics Connector it still works.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: Upgrade to use native CDS connector

Strange, can you please share some screenshots of your connector and where/when error message appears?

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Re: Upgrade to use native CDS connector

I have removed the Dynamics365(Deprecated) Connector and enabled the improved user interface for the CDS. Afterwards I could select my Custom Enity under Entities.




Our environment is unfortunately in German. I hope you'll be okay anyway.


Once I have done that, the photo number can no longer be loaded. Most of the time there is a 1 but the photo numbers start at 100000 and are already far above that. Sometimes I also get the message that the server does not receive or returns any data. As I said with the Dynamics365 Connector everything still works. With CDS it does not work and the app is always loading. 


Edit: I tried to create a new app based on CDS and the FotoID entity. Also there it does not work with the CDS. The photo numbers are not loaded. If I delete the FotoID Entity and use the outdated Dynamics Connector the photo numbers will be loaded in the new app.


Thank you very much for your help

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