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How to Register for a Power Apps Community Account

When registering for the Power Apps Community, you may use an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account or a Microsoft Account (MSA).

First, let's look at registering with an AAD account.  This can be an organizational account that you use for work or school. If you don't have and AAD account, no worries, creating one is free and you can link it to your existing community user name and password if you have one. Select which option applies to you above to get started!



I Have an Organizational Account

Step One:  Navigate to the Power Apps Community and click 'Sign In' as normal.

Step Two:  You'll be sent to a temporary page notifying you to link your Community account with your Organizational account, as seen below. Click 'Sign in to your organizational account'

image 1.PNG

Step Three: Enter your organizational email account, then click 'Next'



Step Four: You'll then be directed to the following screen, similar to the normal Community log-in page

Complete your profile.PNG

Step Five: Log in with your community account, using your existing user name and password. This step associates your organizational account with your existing community credentials. 


Done! You are signed into the community!


Privacy Notice

Please note that when you register your Power Apps Community credentials under an organizational account, you will be offered a streamlined personal data management experience through your organization. Actions initiated to export personal data, delete personal data or account closure now need to be initiated directly with the administrator of your organization. After the transition is complete, your ability to access or delete your personal data will be administered by the organization that owns your domain. Although Microsoft continues to be ultimately in control of your personal data, you need to contact your organizational administrator to manage it. Organizational administrators can put in an export or access request to their Admin portal and a link will be available to them to download your personal data in less than 30 days. 


I Have a MSA Account

Go to the Power Apps Community page and click on the “Register” button


Enter your username and password

Sign In.PNG

Click on “Sign in” button


After clicking on the Sign in button, it will redirect to following page as shown in the screenshot below:


Complete your profile 2.PNG


MSA registration process is completed.


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