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So what do I get in Flow Plan1 , Flow Plan 2 etc ?

Hi All.


Quite commonly, users request definitive answers on what the diferences are between Free v Plan 1 v Plan 2 holds in terms of connectors, actions, Flow runs, Governance etc. They generally are looking to make a decision on wether to buy a plan or not and for how many users, service accounts etc.


Whilst I am aware that there are things dotted all over the web for this, it would be great to have a community blog that compiles some of the key up to date links and information. This could be useful to answer community requests with "See this community blog" -->


I just wonder what others think about blogging on this content?


Thanks, Alan

Status: Planned

Agreed we need something on this.


Is this guide good enough or do you think there needs to something simpler than this?

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Hi @ThatAPIGuy .

This guide is excellent. I think this guide, coupled with a condensed summary that directly answers the questions of some of the community would be the answer.


I'll be happy to blog on this one so will mark this as planned and look to have something out there by next week!


Thanks, Alan

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Status changed to: Planned
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Looking forward to this one! 😁

I think maybe the PowerApps Community would like an article like this as well?!


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Interesting point Gabriel. I am sure it can and will cater to both. 


Any other suggestions on this topic welcome from the community too. 👍

I confirm that it is a recurring question in the App in a day session that I hold.

I've also had quite a few requests on this (in regards to Office, PowerApps and CRM) within our shop for sales staff and architects to better understand the whole schema and differences.

Good suggestion indeed 😉

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Hi @AlanPs1,

How far are you with the blog post? Do you need some help to get it published? I can help.