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Using Siri to trigger Flow

Would you like to use your iphone's Siri voice assitant to trigger Flows? Do you have any good use cases for it?


If there is enought interest for this, I will write a blog post about it.

Status: Planned
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Hi @ThatAPIGuy .

I haven't seen that type of content covered as of yet so a blog on that subject sounds wonderful!


Thanks for suggesting Smiley Happy


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I was just looking at this exact scenario.  We want to run Flows in a industrial manufacturing environment where staff often need to where protective gloves.  So the abiltiy to enable voice trigger for button flows would be great. Andre

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Thanks for the feedback. Can you explain your flow better? It will be good to include some real world scenarios in the blog post.

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Status changed to: Planned

Will start writing this post.

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The scenarios at the moment all revolve around regular / mostly daily routine checks of machinery in power stations.


Current processes vary from

  • having a paper form and filling it in while checking readings and visual inspection of parts
  • somehow remembering what you saw/read, going back to a computer when done and logging review including details

The goal is to offer an alternative option using smart phones.  99% of the audit/review outcomes are that everything is ok and no action needs to be taken.  In this case the fact that an audit was done, when and by whom just needs to be recorded.  I’ve set up button flows to do this - one flow per audit/machine combination.  Some of these audits/inspections happen in areas where safety gear incl. gloves is mandatory.  In these scenarios it would be a nice option to use voice to trigger the button flow that will record a successful audit instance with a “no actions required” outcome.


Does that help to clarify, what I’m looking for?

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Status changed to: Planned