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Using Siri to trigger Flow

Would you like to use your iphone's Siri voice assitant to trigger Flows? Do you have any good use cases for it?


If there is enought interest for this, I will write a blog post about it.

Status: Completed

@JonL and I made a video on using Siri shortcuts to trigger Flow.


Have a look here - 


You can also watch this video where I and Eric Mckinney form G&J Pepsi show how they used this to create a support tickets using Siri and Flow.


I know for sure that you can export shortcuts and share it with users. Not sure if there is a way to deploy it org wide.


Here is a link that tells you more about sharing siri shortcuts

Not applicable


I am trying to have siri read out my emails as it was showed in this video, but i am receiving this error in the Flow Checker: 
Correct to include a valid reference to 'Get_Email' for the input parameter(s) of action 'Compose'

My flow is: When a HTTP request is received->Get emails (V3)->Compose->Response

Inside compose, I have this JSON setup:

"confirmation":"last e-mail from  body('Get_Emails')[0]['Subject'] , body('Get_Email')[0]['Body']"



Again, it is all per the video but I am receiving error. Any reason why this is happening and how I can fix it?