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Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

New PowerApps and Flow Licensing coming October 1, 2019

If you haven't seen the announcement yet about the Licensing changes that are coming to PowerApps and Flow starting on October 1, 2019 you really need to read the following Blog. This announcement was originally made at Inspire this year, but has undergone a number of significant changes.  Make sure you read this and understand what it means to you and your organization.

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Hi All 


This is such a disaster we are now starting to deploy PowerApps and these changes have now put the brakes on our initiative


I do have a question if anyone could clarify. 


We have about 15 existing apps that use Azure SQL connectors, etc. I understand this will hold for 5 years before turning into premium. All my Office 365 user have access to these apps. So I have 5 years to use these apps before making any decision. Do I still need to pay on top of my Office 365 licenses for all my user to have access to these apps i.e. 40USD per user during the 5 years? Or does the Office 365 license cover user access for the next 5 years while the connector changes from standard to premium?

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

If the Apps fall under the exemption that grandfathers them in then you do not need premium licenses for any of your users to access and use those existing apps.

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For 5 year grandfathering question, you can find the information here


Also most of these questions are covered in FAQ here


That FAQ leaves a lot of questions to be answered as you can see in this thread. It seems MS screwed a lot of ISV's and Business App creators with this change. Lesson learned.

FAQ covers all the common questions and principles, however not every possible permutation/combination. If there are specific questions you have, do let us knw, we can answer it and also add it to FAQ 


Read this thread! Lot's of specific questions and concerns - you will see migration from PowerApps! The "grandfather period" is pointless for potential devs/users; if MS sticks to this model PowerApps is dead as a platform for developing Business Apps from an ISV point of view (and for developing internal Business Apps based on anything else than SharePoint lists).

We were told in june to split up our app into more focused apps (from 1 to 7-8) and to move from SharePoint lists to CDS or SQL so we are basically screwed right now. Monthly costs for us and our customers will quadruple unless we can find creative ways to circumvent the new licensing.

This requirement for 30 user minimum is removed and is not longer enforced

For Question 1, it is max of 2 app per user per business process. 


The way number of passes (thats what we call them :)) would be determined would be based on how many (and what type) of apps your users who do not have a licensed access. So if your users use only specific apps and not everything, then the number of passes are based on what they will use. 


Later this month, we will also try to do a deepdive webinar on how this will technically look in the product

Sure i will try to go through and anwer any unanswered question. 


For your specific question around 7-8 apps, i will suggest to check if most of the apps are accessed by all users or only certain population (thats typically reason for breakup). If yes, then per app model is really for 2 apps/user/business process and if distinct users are using different apps, then you might still be able to use per app license model.

I think it would be easier if MS would re-think their "standard to premium" connector changes.


That would solve almost 70% of complaints.

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