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Real Workflows

Hi there


Has anyone set up a workflow that can run documents and integrate with accounts and run an actual file?  I have a legal practice and could see this working in place of 'case management' . Software in the legal sector is really uninspiring I think I could build a better system myself.  Bearing in mind we are very process driven, create documents/communicate with clients, track progress etc.  I would like to think we could easily set up something more sophisticated than we have now.


My issue is as usual there is a ton of information and no roadmap of where to start!


Any input appreciated.

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Re: Real Workflows

Can you Elaborate more on what you  mean by "integrate with accounts?"  


Here are ways I invision a law firm being able to use flow:


- Automate Monthly statement billing

- OCR functionality on incoming email documents, and depending on what the documents are, trigger some some type of action.

     - I know with a lot of legal documents, OCR would probably be pretty easy, because the format of documents will be fairly consistent, and easy to map.  So if you had a need to be able to read data from a source document, and maybe populate a table based on that else where you might be able to develop some type of reference library. 


There are many options, but it would be best to first identify some of your business processes, or maybe something that is particulary time consuming, etc. to brainstorm more concrete ideas.