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Power Apps Account?



I am a government contractor and I just rolled off a project where I tried to get them to use Power Apps. I am taking a break before I start a new project and thought I would take some Power Apps training. When I try to access the Power Apps sites to do the training it says I cannot use my personal account. It says to use your school or work account. Technically I do not have a work account currently and will not have one until I start a new project (and have no time for training).


Can you tell me how to set up a personal account that will allow me to do Power Apps training (and have access to SharePoint Online, another popular gov program)? I cannot work on solutions for my clients using Microsoft products if I cannot access the tools to practice.






@Godbero  - Please visit our Community Accounts & Registration   There you will find how to register for a Power Apps account:


Thank you for being part of our community:


Community Manager

cc: @Kinjal_iTalent 

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