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OliverRodrigues Solution Supplier
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Re: Community Feedback

I have a few questions/feedback


  • New rank system: I just find it very confusing, I do like the idea of displaying the user's badges (highest badge per each type)
  • Community Dynamics / Powerusers: is Microsoft planning to merge these two forums? I often help on Portals forums, but have to go through both sites to check the posts, perhaps at first I would suggest prevent users from adding new Portal questions in the community dynamics, instead offer a link to come to powerusers
  • Accepted solution: the accepted solution is copied as a "2nd" post to that query and this is common in several forums but I don't like the experience.. for Portals forum we usually don't have a lot of answers to the same post, so it usually ends up the first answer being the solution.. and then it gets duplicated, I would suggest something visual for example copying the answer but leaving it collapsed maybe?
  • Signatures: I can't seem to find a way to add signature to my posts, is that possible?
  • Username: Why can't we add "spaces" to the username? I suggest having a "display name" attribute if possible



Re: Community Feedback

@OliverRodrigues  -

Thank you for reaching out to us!  I see you are new in the community and we would like to welcome. Please see my responses inline.

  • New Ranks System: The power platform community managers worked with internal teams, our platform vendor and Super Users in each community as it was being developed.  I would encourage you to check out our support article on ranks::
  • Community Dynamics/Powerusers: I am not aware of any plans to merge communities or platforms at this time. Each community has its own community management team.
  • Accepted Solution: This is out of the box functionality for this platform.
  • Signatures: Signature use in the community is not granted to all of our users. You will notice that the users in the community that use a signature on their post are either staff members, support teams or our most active users (SuperUsers).
  • Usernames: This is out of the box functionality for this platform.


Thanks again for being part of the community!

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