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PowerApps Community Known Issues

This article covers known issues that users face in the PowerApps community. Content found in this article is not related to the PowerApps product.

Avatar drop-down not displaying from home page

There is an intermittent issue in the community in which the drop-down that normally displays when clicking on the user profile avatar image, in the upper right corner, does not display.


If the drop down does not appear, clicking on the profile avatar will take users to their profile page. From here, clicking on the avatar again should display the drop-down. If the drop-down still does not appear, the following links can be used as a work around to access pages normally available from the drop-down:

To log out of your community account, click on your avatar from your profile page and then select 'Sign out'. 


We are working with our platform vendor on this bug and will update here when the issue is resolved. 


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