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Common Data Service - List Records - Bad JSON on expand?

Hello Flow Community,


I'm using the Common Data Service List Records step to pull some data out of an entity including some properties from a related entity using the expand box. The problem I seem to be having is that the JSON that is returned seems to be badly formatted for the related properties.


This is end of the first record that is returned:

      "hs_prescriptionmedication": false,
      "hs_MainContact": "{\r\n  \"address1_postalcode\": \"NW10 6BA\",\r\n  \"contactid\": \"07859a78-5d8a-ea11-a811-000d3a654e39\"\r\n}"

 hs_prescriptionmedication is a property of the main entity and hs_MainContact is the related properties. Rather than being returned as more nested JSON items the related properties are being returned as the JSON as a string with the whole item quoted, \r\n printed explicitly and the internal quotes escaped. This means I can't use the Parse JSON step to pull out the related properties because rather than the nicely nested JSON they are this odd string instead. In examples such as this one the related properties come as properly formatted JSON.

Is there something I need to do to get the related properties in properly formatted JSON?

Any help gratefully received!


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