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Connect to an on premise message queue



After testing the waters with Micrsoft flow, I was now looking into the following scenario and not sure if

its possible in a good way with Flow/logic apps. 


* I have an application on premise which has certain triggers. (eg. On creation of a sales order) 

* I would like to log that event in a database or a queue 

* when that happens, a flow should trigger and for example add that sales order number to an azure sql database 


I could use an http trigger but thats quite error prone as my application is stalled when trying to post to an http endpoint 

so I would like to disconnect the action from the user applications so that they are loosly integrated and internet connection is not always guaranteed.


So in a perfect world I would do something like this:


* trigger happens in user application

* message gets posted to a message queue or database table 

* The flow gets triggered and just executes what it needs to do.  


So not sure how to do this as there seems to be no on premise triggers on a queue system or an update to a database table?

Seems the SQL server connector only has triggers when you use it on azure sql? 


So main goal is just to disconnect the user application from the message posting/running the flow. 

I could go for a periodic (eg. read database table every hour or so) but was hoping I could it in a nicer way using

a messaging system? 


Could also be I am overcomplicating things ofcourse.

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Super User

Re: Connect to an on premise message queue

Hi @app_au 

I just stumbled on your request. You've been waiting a while for a reply.

Were you able to solve it? Can you post the solution so that we can all learn from it?

If you still need help, please let me know what changed.

If I have answered your question, please mark your post as Solved.
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