• Dear Power Automate Community,


    seeking insights, support and maybe help on my issue:


    I have one MS Flow in place since several month - working properly. Our Flow is picking a file from a Shared Folder and should copy/paste it to an Online SharePoint location. But since yesterday - the last step of the Flow is having issues connecting to an Online SharePoint.


    This is the error which is thrown by the Flow:

    Error executing the API '/datasets/https%253A%252F%252Fnxp1-portal13.sharepoint.com%252Fsup%252Frdo%252FPCPIT/rootfolders'


    We tried already everything: raising a new Flow with different users, renewing the individual connections etc. Always getting the same error message.





    Has someone experienced a similar issue or has any insight which could help us maybe?

    Any reply is appreciated and more than welcome.


    Thanks and kind regards