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Flow Dynamics 365 - List Record Expand - Unable to use expanded field value as dynamic in create

I am quite new on flow and work with Microsoft Dynamics. I am currently working on a solution that copies a config record to all applicable Contacts related to a specific BU. Therefor I get a list of records with an expand as you kan see down here (which works as you can see in the second screendump):

List Records.PNG


List result.PNG


Now I want to use the fullname (in concat with 2 other fields) in the Name of the record that I want to create. The problem here is that I do not have the fullname field available in the dynamic content part as you can see down here:

Dynamic content.PNG


Do I need to use expression for that? Appreciate any guidance / help on this topic. Thanks




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Re: Flow Dynamics 365 - List Record Expand - Unable to use expanded field value as dynamic in create

Hi Nico,


I'm going to try to give you some hints and pointers but this is all from the top of my head, as I currently don't have an environment available to simulate this scenario.


As you is an expand query the result will contain the expand, but - as you notice - the result isn't flattened in the dynamic content. You can get the expanded data through the cbr_contactid field. This will result in two possible results.

1. The value of cbr_contactid will be automatically transformed to an object where you can get the fullname field from.

2. The value is returned as a string. In this case you can convert the string to an object (which will have the fullname field) using the json()-expression.


The easiest to test and debug this is to place the cbr_contactid in a Compose-action. If automatically converted the Compose action will return an object with the fullname field. Else you can add the json()-expression in the Compose action.


As the structure of the object isn't known to Flow you might have to supply a sample or schema. Or you should get the field from the Compose action using something like "Compose?['fullname']".


Hope this helps and gives you some guidance. Let my know if it doesn't work. I can create a scenario to test this over the weekend.




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