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Flow Editing Problems



I encountered a very weird bug (?) in regard to creating flow associated with Sharepoint O365 list. I have created a mentioned flow for a list and everything worked fine, until I wanted to update the flow. Since then, it seems like flow engine itself cannot read dynamic data from the list. I initially thought it's because I update the item multiple times during the flow or reaching the maximal allowed level of nesting action, however it seems to be the case even in simpliest flow with 2 actions : trigger on when item is created -> send mail to, where the subject of a mail is title of the item created on the list. See below.


Please forgive me the quality of this image, I just wanted to indicate, that flow works after it is created, but then after a few runs, when it is edited the data from the list cannot be accessed, where you can clearly see that the created item does have a Title.


Best regards.

Power Automate
Power Automate



Could you please share the flow id? When you open the flow in edit mode, the browser url would be like this-


The highlighted part is the flow id.


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I have the same problem. Here is my flow id : 0e2587f6-b108-4657-87c0-cd1d27c3008e

Hi @Lalit


Of course, here it is 87c1ac37-7ae4-4f14-adfd-1b97f449e9a4

Thank you for your attention.


Best regards.

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I have the same problem  with 3 different tenants 😞  Any fixes is in Roadmap?

What does the Inputs/Outputs for all the cards look like ?

Can you please try recreating the flow (new one) and not make any edit changes to it and let us know if this works ?

I have the same issues.

If i recreate the entire flow, it works again. After one update it will fail.

As a workaround i recreate the entire flow from sratch including the desired update.

Great for version control, but not quite efficient.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for confirming the issue. This is currently a known issue and is getting fixed soon. I will post back once this issue is resolved.

Hello everyone.


I've been playing a bit with the flows. I am not quite sure whether the issue is fully resolve, as the flows I recreated and have been editing for some time seems to work. Both those made from template and from scratch. However the old ones still fail, even when edited again. Here I leave the id's of them :


70800c98-83a3-4b41-a091-09f75bd94d6f - the one made from scratch


16d6a402-05d1-429a-9def-c20bc8aad42f - one made from template


87c1ac37-7ae4-4f14-adfd-1b97f449e9a4 - one of my old complex ones


Best regards. 

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