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Flow Error

I want to create a Flow that will run daily. It will look through a Sharepoint list and send an email to the email addresses of any records that have a "notification date" value of today.


I have put together a Flow to achieve this, however when I go to save the Flow I get the followinh error: The template action 'Apply_to_each' at line '1' and column '1097' is not valid. Only actions of type other than 'scope', 'if', 'foreach', or 'until' are allowed to be nested under an action of type 'foreach'.


Firstly, I dont understand what this error is trying to tell me, and secondly, how do i overcome this?


My Flow looks like this;


  1. I started my flow with a Recurrence set to a one day interval.
  2. Next, a Get Items SharePoint action, linked to my list.
  3. Then I've set the following condition, ("PRNotificationDate" is the field in my sharepoint list)
  4. @equals(body('Get_items')?['PRNotificationDate'], utcnow('dd-mm-yyyy'))
  5. Then finally, under the IF YES option I put a Send Email action.
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Coincidentally I'm trying to do exactly the same thing.


You can get a little further by expanding 'advanced options' on the Get Items from SharePoint action  - this allows you to filter your query to SharePoiint so you only get the items you're interested in.


You then don't need a condition in your flow, but I think you just move into an Apply to Each.


The problem I now face is that I can't get Apply to each to work - the "Select Output..." box at the top doesn't seem to accept anything I put in. I've posted to ask for documentation on Apply to Each, so I can understand how to use it, but if you know how to make it work, you may be able to get your Flow to work.


Hope thats of some help...

Thanks Angusham! 
That is actually quite helpful. I need to get my head around using an ODATA filter query in Flow, but at least I’m not getting any errors now.

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Glad it was of some help - I'm actually pretty new to the OData filtering too, so if you have any tips, I'd appreciate knowing how you get on.




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