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How to Extract Data from salesforce dashboard

Hello i want to extract data from a Salesforce Dashboard in to excel ?

The data i want to extract is in screen-cap below such as most search queries and most viewed articles in excel format:

The data is on left in two dashboards.The data is on left in two dashboards.

Any helps ?

Or if i can take a screenshot and extract in to excel ? as OCR only allows extract text but not associated values.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @NidoSpartan ,


Your best bet is to see if you can access the same data using the APIs available from Salesforce.


Alternatively, you can try creating a UI Flow which will download / export the data in Excel/CSV and then getting to the data that way.  I don't think OCR will be a good / accurate fit for this. 


Lastly, just a heads up, I was talking to a RPA vendor locally and they mentioned that Salesforce is purposely changing the layout/design of some their screens regularly to break RPA screen scraping.  Don't know if there is any truth to this so take it with a pinch of salt.

Hello @eric-cheng 

Many thanks for helping me out here. Yes, i am able to download and export the data in a two column table within an excel instance. Problem i am facing now is one column is header and the other column is its corresponding value which i need to copy and paste in another excel instance if the headers string matches the header string in other column. Using If else sounds very tedious in this case since if the value of strings do not match then i need insert "0" int since the values column contains only int cells in its rows.

Then using if and else through 15 rows will make the flow very long.

Agreed OCR did not worked at all for me.

Regarding Salesforce regularly breaking the layout, is true as i had noticed that several times, do not know how they are managing to do it, i hope not some condition on number of requests to load the page or etc.

But if you happen to have any knowledge regarding Looping through multiple columns in excel for each cell please do help.

What i want is to read the text from a row and a cell in one excel instance and then match that text with my downloaded from salesforce excel header column, if Yes then copy the value next to that header cell as it must be an int only accepted in to my first excel instance specified row cell. This for all the 15 rows.

Bundle of thanks in advance 🙏


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