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Item Id doesn't belong to the current mailbox

Hopefully my final edit... @PeteFromDenver alerted us that Microsoft has added a "Mailbox Address" field to Outlook actions. You can enter the address of the shared mailbox in this field to get back to original functionality. I'm keeping all previous solution details below just in case.


I've accepted the solution provided by @Anonymous on page 3. As a note for future users running into this issue, this solution requires a premium account. This will not be the best solution for a number of users (myself included), but it's the Microsoft-supported fix and (hopefully) the least likely to fail in the future. 


For more information on the Graph API solution, check the posts by @jonathanford on pages 5 and 6. 


If you do not have a premium account, the solution on page 3 offered by @Mindaugas is your best bet. You will need to add a new connection to Flow for the shared mailbox and then select that account as the connection for your Flow step. @RHCC gives more details on page 4 - you will also most likely need to add a password to the shared mailbox which is not intuitive. 


This is by far the easiest solution, but I'm concerned how long it will work before Microsoft breaks functionality in an update. They do not support shared mailbox connections in Flows that don't specifically use that language, which is a frustrating response given how many users were relying on these Flows for their daily business. 


Original post below:


Hi all - I'm having an issue with a couple Flows that were previously working without error.


When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox runs in a separate Flow and creates a SharePoint list item. One of the attributes added is the id of the trigger email (MessageId from the triggerBody). 


I have two other Flows that will reply to this initial email using Reply to email. The stored MessageId is used to reply to the correct email. This has been working for 4+ months without error, but started failing today with the error shown in the Subject (Item Id doesn't belong to the current mailbox). 


Myself and one other user are not having this failure. I had a user who was experiencing the failure check their connections in Flow and all apps were still connected. I also had them check their access to the shared inbox in Outlook and they still had full access.  


Has anyone run into something similar or have any suggestions? It seems like it must be a user connection to the shared inbox but I'm not sure what else to look into. Thanks!


**Editing to note that the Get email step is also failing when referencing the ID of an email in a shared mailbox.

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@timothydickson this solution worked for me! Thank you so much.

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Advocate I

It looks like Microsoft has updated the error for this issue in Flow. The new error is "This action does not support shared mailboxes" and they include a link to the documentation that recommends the Graph solution.


So no new information really for those of us who have been working through this issue, but I wanted to include that error text so a search could at least retrieve this thread.

the solution from @timothydickson  worked for me. remove the "get attachments" action and create the file just using the "when item arrives in shared mailbox" trigger

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@timothydickson !!! Thank you very much for posting the detailed description of your fix.   This was what I needed to get my Flow running again, as well.  I really appreciate you taking the time to share the information.   



@MindaugasMy admin says that my sharebox doesn't have password. Can I use your solution without password? When I try to enter my sharebox in the connections, I got error message that the Email address is wrong. Any advice?



Your admin is lazy admin. You can change any password of mailbox. He has to find it with all rest of active users in admin center

My admin is also mentioned that there is no password to this shared mailbox. I'm not completely clear, but he said this account is provided same E3 license or something of that sort, so these are not the same as other accounts.

My admin create a account for this shared mailbox

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Kudo Collector

Just do not forget that you can also ask MS per support ticket for help. It's also a good idea to show them the amount of problems they produce with changes like this.


And I am wondering why I still find official MS flow templates, which use "mark as read" on "shared mail box" items. Which in my opinion can't work after the last changes:

"Save attachments to OneDrive (Business) on new email in shared mailbox"


Perhaps someone can correct me, that this template should still work as it is?

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I'm having a similar issue, when ever i try to run a flow that starts with the trigger 'when a new email arrives in a shared mailbox (V2)' it fails like this:errortje13.PNG


Odd thing is that if I try to use it on my test tenant it works perfectly fine. (how typical; works where it doesn't matter - doesn't work where it matters).


run on unimportant, pointless tenant:



the only actual difference are the language settings between tenants.

@timothydickson , What is simple solution. This works perfectly for me thank you. I was  using the trigger to save attachments in the shares email to a OneDrive folder. So a little bit different than the original issue reported but one that was discussed with in the thread. The files were retrieved but corrupted.

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We had same issue with the Shared Mailbox , where we marked the mail as read, flagged it Complete and moved it into another folder in the Shared Mailbox.

Now we have changed to a Service User account's mailbox , and proceding the same process , but since we can login as Service user account and with password , our connections are now using the Service User connection and everything works just as it did with the Shared Mailbox before.

Hello, my problem was with getting attachements from shared mailbox in Logic App.


I have opened ticket to MS , after few calls solved it by these steps :

- Invoke HTTP witn Azure AD - Invoke an HTTP request (need connect to  in both parameters), URL parameter:"Your shared mailbox adress"/messages/MessageId/attachments

- Parse JSON - Contet: Body from HTTP call

- For Each JSON.Vakue set variable XY to base64ToBinary(ContentBytes)


"properties": {
"@@odata.context": {
"type": "string"
"value": {
"items": {
"properties": {
"@@odata.mediaContentType": {
"type": "string"
"@@odata.type": {
"type": "string"
"contentBytes": {
"type": "string"
"contentId": {},
"contentLocation": {},
"contentType": {
"type": "string"
"id": {
"type": "string"
"isInline": {
"type": "boolean"
"lastModifiedDateTime": {
"type": "string"
"name": {
"type": "string"
"size": {
"type": "integer"
"required": [
"type": "object"
"type": "array"
"type": "object"

- write attachemnt/file to Sharepoint Libary: name from JSON, content from  variable XY

Advocate I
Advocate I

My premier support tech just sent me the following message


I just wanted to provide you an update that after passing the feedback to the Product team that multiple users complained about existing functionality breaking,

The Product team has deployed a fix for this where an optional parameter is added to the outlook actions to specify the shared mailbox address.

This should provide the support and users should not see the error that they were seeing earlier.


View solution in original post

@PeteFromDenver Wow, great update. I just added in the shared mailbox to my existing Flows and they're all working again.

The world thanks you @PeteFromDenver

Hello @PeteFromDenver ,


nice to see the change. I see this new "mailbox" field on connectors like "get attachments" and "get mail" but not on actions like "Mark as read". So, I guess, your solution is not able to "Mark as read" for a email in a shared folder?

Or do it solve this also and I miss something?


thanks and best regards

I'm not sure how many actions they are adding it to.  They just said "updating the Email actions".  Maybe it will get an update today also.  If not, I can pass the info on but may also need another support ticket or uservoice submission.

@teqs I can see the Mailbox Address field on the Mark as read or unread (V2) step.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

@PeteFromDenver wrote:


The Product team has deployed a fix for this where an optional parameter is added to the outlook actions to specify the shared mailbox address.


what is the mailbox adres?  or ? (im very noob, legit question)

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