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Advocate II

Salesforce failed to complete task: Message: TotalRequests Limit exceeded

I created a simple Flow using the Salesforce "When an object is modified" trigger.  The Flow also had two additional steps that used the Salesforce "Get object" action.  I executed this sample Flow about 5 - 6 times, by changing the related object in Salesforce.  On the last time the Trigger errored with this message: "Salesforce failed to complete task: Message: TotalRequests Limit exceeded".


I'm using a developer account for Salesforce that allows up to 15,000 API requests per day.  According to my profile data in Salesforce I have used 14,962 API request in the last 24 hours, although this sample Flow is the only thing I have done in Salesforce in the last few days.


It seems to me that one of two things may be happening with Flow:

  1. To support the Salesforce trigger, Flow is constantly executing Salesforce API calls in order to poll Salesforce for modifications to the object.  If this is the case, then Flow needs to allow us to configure the polling interval so we can throttle the frequency to stay within the Salesforce API limits.  
  2. There may be a bug where Flow is executing Salesforce API calls in a loop consuming a huge number of API calls per action.

Curious if the Salesforce triggers are event based, where Salesforce notifies Flow of the change or done via a polling of Salesforce by Flow?

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Power Apps

Hi TomCastiglia, 

The salesforce trigger is poll based, meaning it's option 1. Currently the trigger interval is not configurable, we are eagerly listening to feedback and growing, I would recommend you to add it Flow ideas in the below link


In order to confirm that it is not the second issue, can you please provide me with your flow id ? You can get this by copying the URL from the browser after opening the flow.

Thank you for the info.  The flow ID is: ce0a16c3-128d-4cfe-bb20-0b42b57669b9


I'd be curious about what the trigger interval is set to and how many API call are used with each execution of the poling interval.

The polling interval is set to 15 seconds. I will get back with more details on the API calls.

You can see the trigger history by clicking on the "i" icon in the flow list page.


I am still having this problem and its making the Salesforce trigger completely unusable.  I have not modified any data in my Salesforce developer tenant in over a week.  However, because the Salesforce trigger is executing every 15 seconds, I've continually exceeded the API count and therefore every Flow run is failing, even when there was nothing changed to trigger the Flow to begin with.


How is one supposed to use the Saleforce triggers without causing this problem?

Hi @ashwinsa - Its been quite a while and I am encountering this same issue again.  You mentioned (2 years ago) that you would get back to me with more details on the API calls from Flow to Salesforce.  Right now it seems that using MS Flow with a Salesforce developer account is practically usable as within an hour, Flow hammers the Salesforce API so hard that Salesforce stops responding.


Did you ever get an answer to this?

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