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Same tenant, Same Connectors, same items Html->Text problem

Last week I added HTML->Text action to one of my flows and it worked.  A few days later I started getting InvalidTemplate, the flow had not changed the data was the same.


I tried many things including disconnecting t he connector from the flow and readding the Action no, no luck


I created an enterely new flow, in the same tenant, account, data, sharepoint connectors, outlook 365 connectors.  The new one works the old one still does not work. 


I know I can just redo the flow, but is there a way to fix this without rewriting the entire flow?  I may happen again and rewritting the flow each time is not practical


Thank you


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Same tenant, Same Connectors, same items Html->Text problem

Hi @ Glebenerd,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?


Could you please share more details about the InvalidTemplate error that you mentioned?


Have you update the flow which would run run failed?

Does the same flow which is new created would work fine when the flow runs?


Please share more details so we could provide a proper workaround for you.


Alice Zhang

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Re: Same tenant, Same Connectors, same items Html->Text problem

Since last weekend this has happened several times now with several connectors. After rebuilding the flow from scratch twice, everything was working fine last night and this morning testing it, another connector failed.


This image is from 3 days ago (version 1), the html to text was woking fine then broke

Screenshot - 2018-04-24 , 8_12_43 AM.jpg



This is from version 2, rebuilt the flow from scratch, HTML to txt connector works fine then suddenly Getitems connector broke. It still works in version 1 of the flow, exact same syntax.                                                                      

Screenshot - 2018-04-24 , 8_15_56 AM.jpg



This is version 3 of the same flow rebuilt from scratch last night.  it was working fine then this morning the getitems connector is broken.


This is the 2nd step in the flow, there are no odata queries, its a small list of items and everything is on a sharepoint site within the same tenant as the flow.  Ironically, the getcalendar view connector is to a completely different tenant and there have been no problems with it

ThisScreenshot - 2018-04-24 , 8_17_29 AM.jpgScreenshot - 2018-04-24 , 8_20_07 AM.jpg

Super User
Super User

Re: Same tenant, Same Connectors, same items Html->Text problem

Hi @Glebenerd,


I've seen similar issues. In general 


"cannot be evaluated because property 'xyz' doesn't exist, available properties are 'xyz' error messages


appear when somethign has chnaged in the data that Flow is connecting to. So in your case has anything changed to the list that you are running get_items on? You willprobably find deleting the get items action and just recreating that action will resolve your issue.

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Re: Same tenant, Same Connectors, same items Html->Text problem

Hi Pieter:


Thank you for your reply.  I was pretty sure that it was not a data or a syntax issue as exact same environment, data, accounts and flows one worked the other did not, then suddenly the second stopped working as well and I recreated a third.  The first work fine while the others remained broken then suddenly the third stopped working.  It had to be environmental in some way: Permissions, authentication...


I finally figured out what was happening was the it was powerapp on my device that was causing the issue.  I was using powerapp to set start and end date for a scan of a calendar, the power app would be given proper permissions when first downloaded but then something would time out I guess or reset somewhere and the connector would stop working.  It happend on a sharepoint connector in 2 situations and the HTML to text connector in the other.  No idea how to avoid this so I'm back to manually set the parameters for now.





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