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The environment is not linked to a new CDS 2.0 instance.

Hi I have done something very daft and deleted the CDS 2.0 conector I think because I'm getting the following error when trying to create an app starting with CDS and get the following


The environment 'Default-8ba5fbff-bba1-45ce-bd7e-70b5aa97bd45' is not linked to a new CDS 2.0 instance. The operation 'ListInstanceMetadata' is forbidden for unlinked environments.


Is there a way to rectify this? Do I recreate the missing link and if so how would I go about doing this.


Many thanks in advance



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Rojosevi,


Could you please share a screenshot of your issue?

Could you please share more details about your scenario?



Please check if your environment could link to th new CDS 2.0 instance.

If you could provide more details about scenario, we would provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,

Alice Zhang


Hi Alice,


we're experieincing the same issue and it's clearly because the nevironment cannot link to the required CDS instance.


We're unable to pick for the field "Organization Name" any value expected to be offered through that "missing link" so all we're able to set is custom values that always result into the flow failing.


Here you go the Error Details:

  "message""The environment 'Default-763fb31b-4ea0-4888-9381-9293dee0fde1' is not linked to a new CDS 2.0 instance. The operation 'ListInstanceMetadata' is forbidden for unlinked environments.",
  "errors": [],
  "debugInfo""clientRequestId: 80b4623f-f1c8-423b-b1fe-71c9bde70ed1"


Just FYI, the flow that we're using was created starting from the template called "Get an email report of approvals waiting for my response".


Thanks very much in advance for any help you may be able to offer to get around that prob,


Cristina Martin


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