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Troubles with connecting to Onedrive for Business


I have trouble with running flow. Users cannot acces Onedrive of flow's creator which is storing a file.

Instead of that they're using their own Onedrive. How can I forced flow to use my Onedrive every time, not users'?

As you can see below, the second step in the flow is: Get file content which should get the content of the file in my Onedrive for Business, which is connected to the flow. But when someone initiate the flow, it tries to get file from his onedrive and the flow doesn't work.

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Super User

Re: Troubles with connecting to Onedrive for Business

This is because you are using a PowerApps button as your trigger.  When you trigger the Flow from PowerApps it uses the PowerApps user's context to extablish the connection.  If the Flow was run using a different trigger then the Flow would run in the context of the maker's connection.

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