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Your license(s) doesn’t support use of gateways. To use this feature, start a trial.

I created a flow over a month ago with a File System connection to an on premises gateway.  My accounts is setup with a Flow Plan 1 license and this setup worked without issue.  I did not touch the flow in over a month.  I went to make changes and now it will not allow me to edit any connections with gateways in flow, it gives me this message: Your license(s) doesn’t support use of gateways. To use this feature, start a trial.


I am completely baffled.  Flow Plan 1 should allow this and it worked before.

Community Support
Community Support


Hi @Raze ,


I tested it on my side using an account with only a Flow plan1 subscription. I can create a connection and create a file in the File system.

Image reference:


Please check if the account that created the current connection is the one you expected, and then check to see if the current account does have a corresponding license.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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I am using the exact same account I used to originally setup the Flow, the geteway and the connection.  I am an admin for our account and confirmed I am still setup with the Flow Plan 1 license.  My gateways are still there and when I check their details, they say they are online.  The issue is just with the connection, when I try to edit it.  I also had a test connection I had created at the same time that went to a gateway on my local system that I used before I setup the one to our server.  That one yields the exact same error.


I've tried removing the Flow Plan 1 license from my account and readding it.  I've gone to the Flow Admin center and under Tenant verified from the report that the User License is still assigned to me and it is.  None of this makes any sense.  The only thing I can think of that maybe could be somewhat related is that since originally creating this flow, I have signed up for PowerBI free account under my login as I was starting to look into using Power BI for other things separate from this Flow.  Maybe there is some conflict in the system between my Flow Plan 1 license and the Power BI free license?  I removed the Power BI free license and that didn't help either.


Overall, this error message is completely useless as it gives no real detail.  Is there any way to get to some further level of detail about what it thinks is wrong, like a log file or something?

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Hi @raze and @v-bacao-msft  - I am getting exactly the same behiavour.  Existing flows that use the File System connector are continuing to work.  However creating a new flow gives the error you have.  Have checked licenses and license has been applied. ??

My suspicion is the license changes to flow that happened in October...."Flow Plan 1 (qualified offer)" is the license assigned to the account.




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I have the same problem. And I am not able to purchase Flow per user plan or start trial. EU region.

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Yes, mine says the same thing "Flow Plan 1 (qualified offer)".  I am not aware if it has always said that or something changed.  What does qualified offer mean?  What licensing changes happened in October?  I don't recall getting anything from MS saying anything about license changes for Flow.

It looks that error is gone and now I can use custom connector with on premise gateway.

Not for me.  Still doesn't work.  I have been reading up on the licensing changed for PowerApps and Flow.  Microsoft did totally change it this month.  What I can't find though is what happens with the old Flow Plan 1.  Seems like it stopped working fully.  I can't find anything about how long it would be grandfathered in, but for sure it seems like Microsoft broke something that was working just fine before.  I am going to be looking into switching to the new license since they broke an important business process for me and I can't wait for answers.

I am having the exact same problem. I even created a new account specifically for the flows, but that did not work and the problem still exists. I spoke to a Microsoft sales rep and they informed me that the "Microsoft Flow Plan 1 (Qualified Offer)" license should not prevent creation of new connections. 

Did you have to make any specific changes, or did the issue just randomly resolve itself?

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I had Flow 1 trial and I used File connector with on premise gateway and it works. Yesterday I tried to create custom connector with on premise gateway and it failed with message above. And I found out that I cannot edit File connector - error was the same. I tried to start Flow 2 trial, but nothing happend.

Maybe 10 hours ago it still does not  work, but then randomly issue resolve itself and I can edit File connector or create custom connector with on premise gateway.

I think it is connected with license changes and something broke at Microsoft.

I figured out how to turn on a free trial of the new Flow per user plan and assigned one of the licenses to my account.  Went into my flow connection, and still get the exact same error.  Pretty much have to believe that something with the licensing changes broke this.  I am not sure where to go next.  Our MS license reseller is supposed to be calling me to help, but who knows if they'll know anything about this.


By the way, the new per user plan costs $15/user/month, the old Flow Plan 1, that worked fine for me, was $5/user/month.  Thanks MS.

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Mine continues to not work too.  I think i might start a new thread with a more specific title in the hope someone from MS might see it....


I confirmed that i can start a new flow and use an existing connection for the File System connector and that works.  If however I want to do a new connection ie to a different file share - i get the license error.  Definately seems to be a point-in-time issue: before date=x will work, after date=x won't work.




Hi @Raze / @frano72 ,


I am afraid that I cannot reproduce this issue on my side. The same license, the same configure, but not get the same issue.

Please consider contacting support to get further assistance.




Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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I contacted MS support and I am working with them to get the problem resolved. I also informed the support engineer about this forum, so they know that other users are experiencing the same problem. 

I opened a case myself too this morning.  Hopefully one of us gets an answer that fixes it.  I'll share whatever I find out here.

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@randywade@Raze  - have you had any luck with your support calls ?  

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I still don't have an answer.  Microsoft called me back on my case and spoke with me for awhile, even did a screen share to see the issue, but said they were not sure and would get back to me.  I have not heard anything since.

Microsoft had me send a screen shot and told me they do not know what the issue is. Last friday they emailed me and told me that they are escalting the issue. I will let you know if I hear anything. 

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