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creating custom connector from Postman for quickbooks

I followed the quickbooks to postman setup and the api perfectly calls the quickbooks request and response.  I have exported the json for postman into powerapps.  I have followed same setup for powerapps as I used for postman.  However, in the path for the definitions the company ID is not showing the actual company ID as I had used in the postman setup. I would manually add the company ID myself but the option is greyed out.  Does anyone have any suggestions or avenues I should try to solve this?  As it stands now, I get an error that states (picture attached for more detail and code below)PowerAppsRequest.PNG:


"warnings": null,
"intuitObject": null,
"fault": {
"error": [
"message": "message=BadRequest; errorCode=003202; statusCode=400",
"detail": "Illegal character in path at index 52:{{companyid}}/query",
"code": "3202",
"element": null
"type": "VALIDATION"
"report": null,
"queryResponse": null,
"batchItemResponse": [],
"attachableResponse": [],
"syncErrorResponse": null,
"requestId": null,
"time": 1560464718594,
"status": null,
"cdcresponse": []


As you can see, the companyID is not populating...and I am at a loss for where to troubleshoot since the call/response worked in postman and not sure why it is not populating when I bring in the postman json.


Thanks for any input.

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Re: creating custom connector from Postman for quickbooks

This looks to be an issue on the side of the Quickbooks App, as all that the Flow connector is doing is using HTTP requests to return the values provided by the Quickbooks API that was created and passed through from Postman. 

I imagine that you've followed the steps for setting up a Postman API and Quickbooks developer app outlined by Quickbooks support here? Specifically, Configuring the PostMan authorization header?

Also, I notice that you are utilzing the app's sandbox area, which is generally used for testing - have you confirmed with Quickbooks support that you can update/change the company ID in sandbox mode?

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Re: creating custom connector from Postman for quickbooks

I followed the postman/quickbooks api link you posted, that was what I initially started with and went through all the steps there.  In Postman, the api call worked and returned the expected response.  I then exported the Postman json for the successful call/response and I was using that for the powerapps section.  Somewhere in that process, it drops the companyID in the POST call on powerapps.  Since that link is hardcoded, I am unable to update that on my end. So I am not really sure where to go from there.


Thank you for your reply.