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Custom Connectors (OAuth 2.0 - AAD) fully functional in browser but not on Android

Hi community,


After developing different Power Apps that have been running for a serious amount of time, today was the day most of them stopped working. Let me explain the situation for one app I've created to day for connection testing purposes only:

  • App consisting of only 1 datasource, which is a custom connector
  • This custom connector is used to perform a Get API call to Business Central Cloud (v20)
  • The API that is being called I created myself. It just returns a list of records. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • The custom connector security settings are set to OAuth 2.0, with id-provider: Azure Active Directory
  • In Azure Portal, I have created an App Registration with all API permissions for Business Central (also granted consent) + User.Read Microsoft Graph (default when creating a new app registration). Also created a Key and set the redirect uri to the one provided by the security tab in Power Apps when creating the connector.
  • Custom Connector only has a Get definition to get all the records for a specified Company ID.
  • When testing the connector, I get the expected result, being the actual list which I can also see in Business Central.


So far so good. Now I have created an App with only this specific datasource. Just a Gallery that shows the document number for each record that was retrieved by the Get request.

In PowerApps itself when developing the app, it shows the same results as when I tested the connector. Which is great.

Now when I save the app and just run it (from the browser), it shows me again the very same list. Great!


Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, all browsers show me the exact same list. 

Downloaded PowerApps from the Windows Store on my Windows computer, started the app. Same list. Perfect!


Now I grab my tablet, download PowerApps from the Play Store, log in with the same AAD user as I logged in to with all the above, start the app: HTTP Error 500. Get request failed.

Cleared cache, deleted the app, removed all accounts, restarted the tablet, reinstall powerapps, login, start app. HTTP error 500.

Grab my phone, do al the above, start the app. HTTP error 500.

Removed PowerApps again, go to browser on the tablet, login, start app. Works !!!!!!!


I'm completely lost here.

  • App fully functional on my computer (all kinds of browsers)
  • App fully functional on my computer (Power App downloaded from Windows Store)
  • App fully functional on my Mobile Devices (when using all kinds of browsers)
  • HTTP Error 500 when I start the app from the PowerApps app on a Mobile Device.


Hopefully someone else can point me in the right direction, because we need a whole lot of apps to work with OAuth 2.0.

The above scenario has always worked with basic authentication and webservice keys. But now with OAuth 2.0 it all breaks, but only when the apps are run from the PowerApp app.



The app works perfectly fine on iOs devices, so it just doens't work on at least two different Android devices.


Best Regards,



Do you have any news for this problem ?

I have the same issue... 😫

Best Regards,


Hi Nono,


Not so much as a solution, but I have had a meeting with a Microsoft Power Apps Support Engineer to which I have sent Fiddler traces and everything from the Android device.

On the 27th of April I have received a message from the Support Engineer that this issue has been acknowledged and it is being fixed by the product team.

Once the issue has been resolved I will be notified by Microsoft and of course I will update this topic accordingly.


We can only wait for Microsoft to resolve this issue a.s.a.p.......




Our client is also suffering from this exact same issue. We are using a Custom Connector to connect to Business Central and that Custom Connector is being used by a Power App. It seems to work on every other platform apart from Android Power Apps app. Even downgrading the version of the Power Apps app does not help.


Ok so I got word from my contact at Microsoft support. Today I have received the following message from them:


"The product group was able to find the issue, the issue is only with connecting PowerApps custom connector with Business Central new version 20.0, the same application on Android connects with Business Central version 19.5 without any issues.


They are working on the fix for this, I will ask them for an ETA and let you know."



So the issue seems to be only with Business Central version 20. Let's wait for the fix to be uploaded to the Play Store. I will keep you guys posted.


Thanks for your answers.

Everything is ok now !

Own Powers Apps on Android work again.

I hope it's the same for you.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Ahardy,


Great to hear that it's working for you!

I'm happy to inform you and the rest of the readers of this topic that indeed Power Apps is working again, at least for me it does.

I haven't heard back yet from Microsoft Support, but I'm guessing that will soon be the case.

Once they do I will update the case for the last time and accept that as the solution to this topic. 


If someone still has issues with Power Apps on Android before the topic is closed, please let me know.

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