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Custom connector results in error 500

Hello I am trying to connect to a shopware api via the powerapps platform

This is the get i want to make against /api/users

{ "limit": 10, "start": 1, "sort": [ { "property": "username", "direction": "DESC" } ] }


The connection overview states that it is connected. 

My assumption is that i am missing something in the definitions step. I added the code to the header and it seems to take the definitions. 


2022-08-18 16_33_53-.png

In my desperation I removed all "" around the value and names but it doesn't matter what i do I get always the same error:



"error": {
"code": 500,
"message": "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond xxxxxxxxx",
"source": "europe-xxxxx",
"path": "forward-request",
"policyId": "",
"clientRequestId": "3f0fae65-239f-411b-b42a-913fe7984eac"



this is the swagger code



schemes: [https]
consumes: []
produces: []
  /api/: {}
  /api/users: {}
  /api/users/34: {}
          description: default
          schema: {}
      summary: Request Information
      description: Get all the information of a user
      operationId: GetUserInfo
      - {name: '{', in: header, required: false, type: string}
      - {name: limit, in: header, required: true, type: integer, default: 10}
      - {name: start, in: header, required: true, type: integer, default: 1}
      - {name: sort, in: header, required: false, type: string}
      - {name: property, in: header, required: false, type: string, default: username}
      - {name: direction, in: header, required: false, type: string, default: DESC}
      - {name: '}', in: header, required: false, type: string}
      - {name: ']', in: header, required: false, type: string}
definitions: {}
parameters: {}
responses: {}
  API-Schlüssel: {type: apiKey, in: header, name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxg}
- API-Schlüssel: []
tags: []




There  is most likely something very simple that i am missing , so i appreciate any and all help. 





Am facing the same issue. Connector worked until yesterday.
Nothing changed on my end. any idea if microsoft made a change?

Resolver II
Resolver II

I've seen this happen a couple of times when I've  made a minor change to the definition of my custom connector and tried to retest using an existing connection and get the HTTP 500 error. 


Have you tried deleting your existing connections that reference the custom connection and recreate a new connection to see if that works when you run a test?

I have done this multiple times without success. The swagger test runs successfully but the "normal" test doesn't.

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